12 Money Affirmations for A Financially- Independent Mind

Wealth is often equated with happiness, and indeed it is.


Unlike the saying, ‘money is the root of evil’, a positive outlook towards wealth can help you enjoy financial freedom. From empowering you to plan your future to executing that plan successfully, money helps get the most out of life. If you can control your urges and utilize money effectively, it can turn out to be the most valuable resource besides time.

Can money affirmations help?

Money mantras or affirmations can help change your views about wealth. If you have heard about the Law of Attraction, you will know how you tend to attract the things you believe in your life. Well, if you say the money mantras aloud every day, you may attract immense wealth in your life without getting affected by it. They will help you believe in the positivity of money and reach your financial goals faster.

But before that, you need to be in the right headspace about money. As the way spiritual freedom is achieved through a peaceful mind, financial independence is the result of a positive and untroubled mind that does not associate any negativity with the concept of wealth.


A few other rules to remember are:

  • Quantify the amount of money you wish to earn and let the Universe know
  • Be expressive about your demands and do not hold anything back
  • Do not fret, stress, or get anxious
  • Believe in the power of the Universe to fulfill your desires
  • Visualize the wealth around you; feel it, as if it is already there
  • Be grateful to the Universe for trying to help you
  • Keep your imaginations to the present and not the future


With these practices, you are going to increase your chances of getting your financial dreams fulfilled quicker. Here are a few mantras to start your money affirmation exercise:


Mantra #1: I appreciate wealth and what it helps me achieve

Be appreciative of money to help it reach you. You cannot do without money, and it is better to accept this truth than running away from it.

Mantra #2: I feel the money around me

You have the power to turn your dreams into reality only when you feel them as real. Try to feel money all around you, in your wallet, in bank accounts, and everywhere they can be. Visualize the amount and meditate on it, so much so that you start believing that it is real.

Mantra #3: I am successful in achieving financial freedom

You need to affirm your success in your mind to achieve it in real. Believe that you are already successful, no matter your situation. Imagine your dreams have already been fulfilled and that you have all the wealth you need to set further goals. 

Mantra #4: The Universe is ready to give me an unlimited wealth

Imagine the Universe as an interest-free bank always ready to provide you with unlimited loans. All you must do is, utilize that money for your welfare and that of others and inspire good ‘Karma’. That way, you will no longer be in debt of the Universe, and you can enjoy the wealth for life. 

Mantra #5: Financial expansion is safe, and I am ready for it

Whoever says that earning a lot of money is harmful to the psyche is wrong. You should be ready to expand your financial limits and earn unlimited wealth, as money itself does not harm anybody.

Mantra #6: I will utilize the money properly 

The negative aspects of money lie in its utilization, so you should use it properly and effectively to prevent the wealth from turning into evil.

Mantra #7: Abundance of money, cash, and wealth in other forms are flowing towards me

The more you believe in this affirmation, the faster you will achieve your wealth. The Universe brings to you what you believe. So, make sure you have no doubts about this money affirmation.

Mantra #8: I have kept my windows open to receive abundant wealth

Keeping your mind open will help you receive limitless wealth. So, do not be skeptical about it and do not limit the flow of wealth. It will help you achieve more than you desire.

Mantra #9: Wealth is not my right; it is a gift of the Universe

Do not consider money as your right or property, because it is not. Consider it as a gift that you have received from the Universe, which is testing you. If you utilize wealth effectively, you will get more. But if you misuse, the free flow may stop.

Mantra #10: My thoughts have the power to turn my aspirations into reality

Your thoughts do have the power to turn your dreams into reality. Make sure you think with a guilt-free mind to let all the positive thoughts submerge into creating unlimited power. This power will help you achieve your financial and other goals.

Mantra #11: Being wealthy is the purpose of my life

Yes, it is! If you do not have enough wealth, you will not be able to improve your own life and nor of others. Try not to hold back from achieving money, as it is the first step towards fulfilling all purposes in life.

Mantra #12: I am grateful for the money

Besides being grateful to the Universe for giving you money, you should also be grateful to money itself. It helps you pay your bills on time and gets you all the pleasures in life. Treat it as a family member, a companion, instead of a commodity. If you are grateful for the money, it will keep coming back to you.

Wrapping it up

These 12 mantras or money affirmations can help you get where you want to be in life. You can either use the money to raise your platform, or you can utilize it to earn influence in society. Both ways, you will serve your life’s purpose. However, if you misuse the wealth to create troubles for others, The Universe may turn against you. So, maintain a positive mindset and strategize your goals to ensure proper utilization of the wealth you achieve. 

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