6 Business Reasons to Utilise Hoarding

The usual reasons behind hoarding are promotional purposes and health and safety reasons. Read on so we can further explain this in detail.

1) Advertising and Marketing

Quite often, companies and organizations use hoarding boards to promote their products or services in areas with high foot traffic. This method is not as intrusive compared to other methods such as graphical signage or digital displays. It often aims at making the most out of the space. It is also considered cost-effective compared to using a same-sized billboard. With that in mind, these hoardings can be viewed as fencing panels that can be used for outdoor advertising. Not only that, if not for advertising purposes the panels could also be eye catching installations for the site.

2) Entice Customers

In addition to that, hoardings can bring in business to an entity. To attract new customers, hoardings can paint a picture of a coming soon development hence picking their curiosity, by having the building covered behind it. Also, the messaging used can be aimed at sparking excitement toward the soon to be revealed project.

3)Brand Recognition

Often Hoardings can be a way to help people identify a brand in a given location. For Instance, a retail store can use one to inform customers of a new branch. Developers put them up to show what and who is behind the site. The bigger and more eye-catching the hoarding is, the more awareness and status the brand racks up.

4)Directional Messaging

Directional messaging and graphics are essential on hoardings when it comes to huge sites such as regenerations or property development projects. They can be used for opportunities to market suites or shop spaces. The graphics when done well make sure that customers do not get lost when visiting the sites which can cause a bad customer experience. This avoids a bad reputation instance in the company or organization.

5) Construction Site Hoarding

The most important reason behind putting up a hoarding is mainly health and safety. They ensure that the public is separate from the construction which enhances safety to the site due to limited access. The separation also makes sure there is monitored access of the contractors working the site. The hoardings, aside from warning the general public of the potential dangers of the construction site, can also relay health and safety messaging. They can be used as a great channel to communicate threats as well as hazards which is a vital part of compliance regulations.


A great tailor-made hoarding can improve the whole appearance of a site as well as its environment. To deliver bespoke hoardings, we use an array of methods including, illumination, graphics overlays, substrates, and cut lettering. We are behind the most quality and prestigious hoarding installations in the country! Whether it’s the hoarding about moving at the Dollar Bay or the illuminated one at Southbank. We know it!

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