A Simple Guide on How to Buy Cryptocurrency with Cash

For many people today, cryptocurrency investment is a great way to hold money that they do not intend to spend soon. It is also a great short-term investment through crypto trading. Many people buy cryptocurrency with cash for these reasons, although businesspeople also buy crypto to use it for buying goods on international markets.

Regardless of the reasons to buy crypto, investors should know the best way to do it. We will help you with a simple guide on how to buy cryptocurrency with cash.

Decide on the Cryptocurrency You Want

Do you want to buy Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, or Ripple? One thing to know is that there are hundreds of popular crypto coins you can buy with cash today. This information will help you to plan for enough cash, open a digital wallet to hold the crypto, and know the best platforms to use.

It is easy to buy cryptocurrency with cash if you know what you want. So, take some time to research popular digital coins, assess their pros and cons, and then settle on one or two. From here, you can now proceed to the next step.

Decide on the Cryptocurrency Exchange to Use

Another important decision to make before you buy cryptocurrency with cash is the exchange to use. DEX, CEX, physical platforms, and Bitcoin ATMs are the most common options today. Again, you should assess the pros and cons of each to make the right decision.

The most important thing is to ensure that the platform accepts cash as a form of payment. It could be hard cash such as in the case of Bitcoin ATM or cash at the bank such as in the case of online exchange platforms.

Follows the Set Procedures to Buy Cryptocurrency with Cash

Each platform has a unique way of buying cryptocurrency with cash. Some require you to open an account, while you can buy directly on others, especially the physical platforms. They all have a general procedure as listed below:

·         Open an account – Most online exchanges require users to have an account before they buy cryptocurrency with cash. You can open this on their website, app, or by visiting their physical outlet.

·         Deposit cash – As a security measure and to facilitate fast transactions, you need to deposit cash in your account before fulfilling the buying process. As mentioned, you can do this with your bank card or by providing hard cash at a crypto outlet.

·         Buy your crypto – When all the above preparations have been made, it is easy to buy cryptocurrency with cash instantly. All you need to do is hit the buy button or let the agent know that you are ready to buy. You should provide important information like the cash you intend to spend, the crypto wallet address, and any other as asked.

·         Confirm your transaction – Lastly, confirm that your cryptocurrency has been reflected in your digital wallet.


See, it is easy to buy cryptocurrency with cash when you have the right information. No matter the reason for buying cryptocurrency, you will enjoy the process if you follow the insights we’ve shared. What’s important is to stay secure by using a reliable platform and observing all precautions needed.

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