Despite all the advancements and growth that we boast off as a society, there still remain to be certain shortcomings. Be it in terms of mindset, social acceptance, or values and norms, rigidity and stereotypes continue to exist till date. Every society has its own preconceived notion of rightness, acceptable behaviour and actions and several other aspects of conduct. It is generally expected that people living in a society should conform to its norms and values. It is deemed to be a mark of respect towards the society and the rightful way of existence.

Daring to be Different

Usually, people who deviate from the socially accepted norms of behaviour and conduct are usually frowned upon. They are judged as being rebels, irresponsible and what not. However, not everyone is alike. Each individual is unique in his/her own sense. Everyone has the right to have their own values, concept of right and wrong, beliefs, ideals and thoughts. Ideally, no one should be forced to live in a particular way. However, that’s not how the world works and it usually takes a lot of courage to be different.

If we take a quick glance at history, it is people who dared to be different that brought about revolutions. These people act as inspiration for generations and motivate individuals to believe in themselves. One such inspiring figure is that of a celebrated author, Mr. Roberto Jimenez. Roberto actually personifies what it means to be different. Throughout his life journey, he was treated differently because of his personality. But, he didn’t let it undermine his spirit. He channelised his energy to bring out the best in him and became successful in his career.

Roberto has even penned down a book titled ‘My Life in Colors- Embracing the Rainbow’.

About the Book

The book ‘My Life in Colors- Embracing the Rainbow’ written by Roberto Jimenez is the author’s journey of being different. It captures and depicts the unique struggle and journey of the author amidst all the societal pressure. The author recalls how he was treated differently for being distinct from others. Jimenez was often criticised for being too talkative and creative. At times, he was even asked to remain quiet and was ignored too. For most people, this would have had a devastating impact on their confidence. However, he never let his passion, spirit and energy die.

He always longed to learn new things and he was able to do so because of his self-belief. As an individual, he never backed down from trusting himself even in the most challenging conditions. The author is truly and certainly a role model for the young generations. His book is a wonderful guide and motivator for the youth to believe in themselves, show courage and remain confident through thick and thin. It motivates them to be creative and be always willing to learn.

To know more about the book, you can access it on https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BGP8XJ4T/.

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