The mantra towards a good and successful life is not something that can be uniformly established. It varies according to situations, persons, cultural factors, circumstances and several other factors. It isn’t always easy to achieve success in life. While some might get easy success and lead comfortable lives, others might have to put in a lot of effort to achieve success. Therefore, remaining patient and persistent is vital to achieve success. Also, it is important to find some motivation in life. Such motivation can flow from a person, a piece of literature or any life event, to name a few. Books are regarded to be one of the best motivators in one’s life. One such book that has recently been published is ‘Against All Odds’. This article will provide some more details about the author, the book, its storyline and how it is an inspiration for many.

About the Authors

The book titled ‘Against All Odds’ has been written by a motivational couple- Calvin and Leanne Davidson. Both the authors have written this book with the purpose of describing their life journey and instilling some motivation in the minds of people. A book that is based on a life-turning event during the COVID-19 pandemic, this book has been critically acclaimed and praised by many. The authors, although a couple, come from extremely different backgrounds. They have their stories and history and they have been brought up in different ways. Despite this, they have been able to find a common purpose in life while living together. During the pandemic, the couple happened to trod upon a pathbreaking unique idea. Implementing the same, they were able to develop a business that has transformed the lives of many. Read further to know more about the book.

About the Book- ‘Against All Odds’

The book revolves around the journey and life of their business named ‘Bounty Competitions’. Sitting idle in the pandemic, the couple thought of this idea and decided to give it a try. It involved organizing various forms of competitions and giving away prizes. These prizes range from as small and simple as kettles and toys to big houses, cars and cash prizes. The title is succeeded by the words- ‘This Book Could Change Your Life!’, and rightly so, it can. The business has influenced and transformed the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. The couple themselves have been able to make a fortune for themselves and live a comfortable life. The essence of the book lies in the saying that no matter how hard the situation, there is always a way out. It goes on to further elaborate how working hard and being creative can help you do wonders in life. The book is a perfect guide for all those who feel bewildered with what to do with their lives.

To know more about the authors and their journey and read the book, buy it at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Against-All-Odds-Could-Change/dp/1739265904/.

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