All You Can Know About Ashley Burgos – Daughter of Bernice Burgos

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Born in 1996 in NYC, Ashley Marie Burgos is an American model and an entrepreneur. The daughter of music video star and model Bernice Burgos, the Instagram star achieved fame at a young age. Bernice was only 15-16 when Ashley was born. Her father’s name is unknown to the world, and her sister and she were brought up solely by their mother. Not that she regrets it. Although rumors were ripe about Ashley’s father when she was born, Bernice managed to keep the name a secret.

Besides walking for various fashion brands, Ashley is also one of the youngest businesswomen in the world. With millions of followers on social media, the young model has captured many eyes with her grace and love for the camera. She has featured in various magazine covers and music videos, besides being the founder of “Bold Beautiful”, a sleepwear brand. But that is not all about this fresh, tough, and ambitious mind. Let us give you further details.

Ashley’s Age 24 as of 2020
Date of Birth May 9, 1996
Country United States
Marital Status In a relationship with her long-time boyfriend, name unknown
Height 5.1 feet
Eye color Dark Brown
Net Worth $1 million


Early life and background of Ashley Burgos

Ashley studied in the Hempstead High School in NYC and started her modeling career even before reaching 18. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and started uploading attractive images on social media when she was only a teenager. Using Bernice’s connections, she managed to enter the glitzy world of modeling and rose to popularity soon. Her Instagram account helped her upward trajectory. However, after reaching 200,000 followers, she deleted that account and started a new one that now has much fewer followers. Given her influence and popularity, she may regain her follower base soon.


Bernice had immense influence in the media, which helped Ashley start her sleepwear line, co-owned by her mother. The brand exhibited bold, alluring, and sumptuous sleepwear for women. But the clothing line is not available on their official website as of now. Ashley has been ambitious from day one, and probably she is thinking of her next venture now.


Interesting facts about Ashley

Ashley Burgos became the mother of a beautiful daughter at the age of 21. Although she has not revealed the father’s name yet, speculations point to Sambou Camara, a businessman and the CEO of Highbridge The Label. Ashley has named her daughter India Ava. Besides Ashley being a young mother, Bernice (38) is also one of the youngest grandmothers in the celebrity world.


It is also believed that Camara allegedly left his wife for Ashley. The duo was believed to have separated after India’s birth but got back together eventually. However, it is still a mystery if they are still together. There has been so much hush-hush around their romance. Liker Bernice, her daughter also prefers to keep her personal life a secret. But there is no doubt that Camara leaves no stone unturned to get involved in his daughter’s life. He was also seen in Ashley’s baby shower, a clear indication of his involvement and acknowledgment of parenthood.


Ashley Burgos net worth

Again, Ashley has remained secretive about the details of her earnings. However, various sources claim that her bet worth, as of 2018, is $1 million. Besides being a model, she is also a social media influencer, thus earning quite a sum from sponsored posts. According to the sources, she takes about $500 for each of them. Apart from this, she is also the brand promoter and manager of her mother’s company. In 2020, her alleged net worth is $500,000.


Summing it up

Ashley is what one would call an independent, ambitious, and free-living woman who does not give a damn about rules. She is also a loving mother, and apparently, a responsible one too. A businesswoman, influencer, and marketing expert, this multitalented young girl is expected to move higher up the success ladder in the future.


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