Change is inevitable in any and every dominion of life. The world of business is no different. Even though the concept of business has been in existence since the earliest of times, it continues to remain dynamic. The world is full of examples of people who have made it big in the world of business. Have you ever wondered what makes them stand out? Well, even though everyone has their own success mantra, few things are common amongst all. Having the right attitude, being creative, leading from the front, these are qualities that make a businessman successful. These are the qualities that separate an extraordinary businessman from an ordinary one.

Another extremely important quality of a successful businessman or business at large is to be good at managing people. This article will focus on the human aspect of doing business.

The Significance of Human Resources

What good is a business’s machines or resources if it doesn’t have the required human capital to use them effectively. Human resources are the most invaluable asset of any organization. In order to be successful, a person must know how to deal with his/her employees. Treating employees with respect, understanding their concerns & resolving them & getting the best out of them is what a businessman does. Over the past few years, the significance of human resources & their management in any business or organization has grown manifold.

Several people worldwide press upon the need to have an inclusive and dynamic HR structure in place. According to several experts, it holds the key to success in today’s business arena. Jeffery D. Welter has written a book titled ‘Running Naked in Dubai: Secrets to Becoming a Better Business Partner’. Through the course of his career, Mr. Welter has worked with bureaucrats, governments and top corporate organisations. He has plenty of experience when it comes to managing organizations and its people. Mr. Welter is a leading name in the business arena today and his book is a recollection of his experiences and learnings.

About the Book

The book written by Mr. Welter is a modern-day guide to become successful while doing business. This book captures the shift in the world of human resources and comments upon its impact on the business community. This shift has brought about a radical change in the way organizations tend to manage their workforce. It also presses upon the need to have sync and synergy between the workforce and the management.

Apart from this, the book also provides some valuable business lessons. It lays down Welter’s principles of doing business. According to Welter, becoming a successful and effective business partner takes time. He states how money is not the only form of investment that you make. You must devote your time and efforts as well to become a successful business partner. According to him, successful partners are those who are visionary, inclusive and forward looking in all walks of life.

The book is certainly worth reading. You can find it on

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