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“Every coin has two sides”- this is a very popular proverb that we all are familiar with! If you wish to have all the good things, you need to bear all the bad things too that come along with it. Public figures or celebrities might have a lot of fame and popularity and wealth, but they have to deal with too much media attention on a regular basis. Today we are going to talk about Benjamin Maisani. There was a time when the media focused a lot if its attention on his personal life as he was dating Anderson Cooper, the daytime talk show host!

Benjamin Maisani Wikipedia

He is a 46 year old businessman, who owns a handful of bars all across the New York City. He has been working in the bar industry for a really long time now. Currently, he owns three gay bars across New York – Atlas Social Club situated at 753 9th Avenue, Bedlam Bar & Lounge situated at 40 Avenue C, Easternbloc situated at 505 E 6th Stn. Previously, he also owned a bar in Brooklyn, named Sugarland Nightclub, which shut down back in 2014.

Benjamin Maisani – Salary & Net Worth

In 1994, Benjamin Maisani came to New York for studying filmmaking. Later he took a job at a gay bar in Chelsea, named Barracuda. He completed his graduation from Hunter College and right after he graduated, he started working at the Morgan library, situated at Madison Avenue. Currently, he is a bar owner who bags a huge salary. There are several factors that determine the salary of a bar owner, like – its profit or loss, location, size of the bar, etc. According to the BLS statistics, the average salary of the top bar executives lie somewhere around $71,550 per annum. Although he started with a very basic job of working at a gay bar, now his net worth is in millions as he is the owner of several bars now! His partner Anderson Cooper has a salary of $12 million and a net worth of $110 million. They owned various properties together when they were dating. The couple met in 2009 and they dated for 9 years. They used to stay together in New York. The renovated firehouse, in which the couple lived, was situated in Greenwich Village. The valuation of the property is rumoured to be something around $4.3 million. They kept their relationship private till the year 2012. Benjamin had no intentions of becoming a celebrity or a public figure, but his romantic interest, brought a lot of media attention on him. The couple was very much in love and was the talk of the town for a really long time. They even wanted to have a child together but their relationship ended eventually. After celebrating love and relishing each other’s company for 9 years, the couple parted their ways in 2018. After breaking up with Anderson Cooper, Benjamin Maisani kept his dating life private.


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