Some of The Best Tips for Stock Trading

There are a variety of different stock trading strategies that you can integrate into your routine. You could incorporate these strategies if you want to begin making a profit on your transactions. Below, you will find a series of step-by-step articles and resources that will not only explain how to go about trading stocks but some of the ways you can improve your processes and get the results you are looking for.


Before getting started reading this strategy guide, you will want to read Stock Trading 101. This is a guide that was created from the ground up to help beginners to comprehend how the stock market works and how to trade stocks. It will also detail a variety of other pertinent things like the types of trades you can make with a broker, how to lower your frictional expenses, and a lot more. The articles that you will find in this guide will assume you have already read them and have a basic understanding. Therefore, you should not proceed without building the foundation that you get from Stock Trading 101.


6 Ways to Beat the Market with Your Trading


Believe it or not, but by following a couple of basic rules, you can maximize the chances you end up having a profitable trade. While they are not as fancy as you may think nor are, they are extremely exciting, they are time tested. Those that adhere to these basic principles will have a greater chance of success with their trading.


  1. Trading Technique: Using Dividend Changes for Big Gains


Now that you have built the foundation and you are ready to get started with your stock trading, there are some different techniques you should look to incorporate into your routine. One of them would be making money from changes with the dividend policy within a company. If you can nail this, you should be able to get significant profits.


  1. Building Stock Positions by Writing Put Options


Another good way to improve your stock trading efforts is by using put options. This gets other investors to pay you to effectively buy their shares. While this might sound too good to be true, it is not. You can get other traders to give you the money you need by making the promise that you will buy the stock later. This is a strategy that is used by a lot of savvy investors including Warren Buffet to buy stock they want at a lower cost.


  1. Using Cash Carry for Payment


A lot of professional stock traders will utilize a special strategy that is known as ‘cash carry.’ They will do this to pay for a lot more shares than they can pay with cash-on-hand. It’s a way to get a lot more profits from the trade when you make a good trade. While you will be certainly putting a lot more at risk by doing it, you generate greater returns when you are right.


  1. How to Use the Buy-Write Stock Trading Strategy to Lower Your Cost Per Share


There is a specific method that you will want to learn to effectively lower your cost per share. This is a method that will enable you to sell options at the same time using your shares. From there, your brokerage will get the cash that you earn against the purchase price. This is a good option to use when the markets are in a constant state of flux because it is essentially like getting a rebate on the shares you buy.


  1. Speed of Access


Speed of access to market data and trading systems can also make the difference when trading. Seconds or even milliseconds can make the difference, and therefore a SGX option like this Singapore SGX is a good choice.



  1. Making Money with Bad Companies


One of the good strategies you can use to make trading bad companies profitable is by making bets on these companies that are run poorly but that have high earning leverage. While it’s more difficult to understand if you don’t know much about stocks right now, it’s a vital strategy to learn if you want to get serious about trading.


  1. Risk Arbitrage


One of the best strategies that you can use if you are looking to get the most out of your trades is risk arbitrage. This is the process that involves shorting, buying, or trading a stock that is about to go through one of several big reorganizations. The company could be merging, spinning off, or even acquiring another company. When you master this type of trading, you can increase your chances of successfully pulling off a trade exponentially.


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