Have you ever wondered what makes a business successful? Most of you might say that there are several things that make a business successful. Also, you might say that the factors leading to the growth and success of a business are different for all. Well, all of this is true. However, one thing that is common among all successful businesses is the willingness to succeed. One can find several examples of such businesses and businesspeople who have done significantly well.

Another important factor that must be kept in mind is that it doesn’t matter as to what you do. What is important is that you should feel proud about what you are doing. You should work towards building and promoting your business to the best of your abilities. There are several stories of businesspeople who started from small shops or even from their homes & are successful today. If one possesses all the qualities mentioned above and works passionately towards being successful, nothing can stop him. In fact, one can even lead the journey from rags to riches by working ardently and passionately. All that is required is to think out of the box, be creative & not consider any work as trivial.

An excellent example of this is the journey of a man named Karl Crossfield. Mr. Crossfield, a poor man, describes how he made his way through several works & business to open an escort agency. He has written about his journey in a book titled ‘The Poor Man’s Guide to Being an Escort or Operating Agency’.

About the Author and Book

Karl Crossfield started his journey as a bottle picker. He came from a poor family, but he always had the desire to do well in life. At the tender age of ten, he decided to collect empty soda bottles. Back then, he tried to make a business out of this by trading two bottles for a pence. Over time, he gained significant experience by trying his luck at different businesses. He always knew that he wanted to do business. All that was required was for him to figure out as to what he intended to do. It is then that an idea struck him. He noticed how most people around felt the need for companionship and company. It is then that he decided to open an escort agency that would provide its customers with friendly and empathetic companions. It is a totally non-sexual agency that is only meant to provide people with a good time without violating any laws.

Apart from his business idea, what’s worth noting is his entrepreneurial spirit. He never doubted himself & built a successful business empire without much capital. Also, he did this without using much help from the internet. He built his business in the most conventional manner using simple yet effective business techniques. To know more about the author’s journey, you can find and source his book from

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