Can Eco-Friendly Business Be Profitable?

The negligence and the lack of directorship by many international governments is a lot to be concerned about right now. This has led to some major influencing companies like Pepsi, WalMart, Toyota and many more to come forward and address the environment waste situation by making strategic changes in their business plans.

As Jonathon Porritt, leading British environmentalist quoted, “an administration shift will occur in the field of sustainability, with governments taking a step back and businesses taking a step forward to start off a new revolution.”

McDonald’s which is one of the world’s largest food brand is taking the lead in the go green initiative by setting up green parking lots in order to be used by electric vehicles. On the other hand, Tesco announced that it will minimize emissions from stores and will become a zero-carbon establishment entirely by 2040. Volkswagen who is already in its fifth five-year Environmental Action Plan confirmed that it will enhance its average fuel efficiency of vehicles by 31% in all territories by 2019 in contrast to that of 2006.

Understand that Consumers care

Over the last few years, consumers have become more environmentally sensitive towards the products they chose or the business they support. Brands such as Toyota and Volkswagen, are not pledging to environmental goals out of the pureness of their hearts. It’s simply because they  understand that environmental sustainability can result in long-term profitability.

Nowadays, consumers demand much more transparency from companies they support and are willing to pay a competitive price for a range of sustainable and eco-friendly products. This only goes ahead and shows that a company needs to win their customers/consumers heart in order to get continuous support, and hence more profit.

Starting an Eco-Friendly Business

Your Eco-friendly business can go beyond the feel-good effect which comes naturally while making the Earth a better place and can deliver more than just profits. Understand that making cutbacks in your business’s impact on the environment will aid your chances of survival in the market and can help you achieve long-term success.

If you happen to be in  the business of manufacturing, agriculture, food/beverage industry, make sure you have a water treatment plant in the area. It can be your first major step towards building a responsible eco-friendly business. You can also go ahead and contact Quadvest water treatment plant as they utilize several treatment processes to improve the quality of water for a specific end use. Be conscious of the fact that businesses which establish eco-friendly values early on have an opportunity to build loyal consumers now and skyrocket the market in the future.

Here are some profitable small-green business ideas for entrepreneurs –


  1. Organic Catering – This is probably the best way for foodies to share their passion for food and keep the environmental impact to a minimum by reducing and recycling the use of plastic and paper goods.
  2. Providing Garden-Paks – One such eco-friendly business idea is to produce garden-paks which is a pocket-sized huddle of seeded plants constructed with recycled paper materials that would fit on the smallest balcony or directly into the ground and allows people to grow their own vegetables
  3. Paper Recycling Business – One of the most profitable option right now is to start a paper recycling business. There is a dire need of market for recycled papers as it is a well-known fact that trees which are used in the production of papers are the major components when it comes to restoring environmental balance.

There is no denying of the fact that Eco-friendly business can be profitable, you can start your own revolution in your own small way and make it to the big leagues. So go ahead, start a green business & save the planet.

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