All You Can Know About Ashley Burgos – Daughter of Bernice Burgos

ashley burgos net worth

Born in 1996 in NYC, Ashley Marie Burgos is an American model and an entrepreneur. The daughter of music video star and model Bernice Burgos, the Instagram star achieved fame at a young age. Bernice was only 15-16 when Ashley was born. Her father’s name is unknown to the world, and her sister and she […]

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7 Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting charged with a criminal offense can be a big ordeal, whether it is for minor blunders like driving under the influence or big offenses like sexual crimes. The services of a good criminal defense lawyer become imperative to get you a favorable verdict for your case. An expert professional can help you to achieve […]

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Tips and Essential Traits for a Successful Outbound Telemarketing Operation

In an industry synonymous with innovation, telemarketing is a classic which has prevailed despite cutting edge new developments. The good old phone call lets you build immediate rapport with prospects, generate new leads, keep your relationship with existing customers, measure progress, and build brand awareness. With the increasing availability of outsourcing, you can even expand […]

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