Many countries around the world have a history of colonialism associated with them. Back in the 18th and 19th century, colonialism was on the rise all over the world. This was primarily being done to control the business routes, become industrial powerhouses and impose western culture worldwide. In doing so, the colonial rulers resorted to various forms of oppression, including that based out of religion, gender, race. Women were one of the worst sufferers during the colonial regime. The book titled ‘Daughter of Colonialism’ authored by Jenny Maslen brings to you the story of one such woman. This article will take you through the life journey of the author and provide a brief overview of the book.

About Jenny Maslen

Jenny Maslen has had a difficult life to lead. She has time and again been troubled by the people and circumstances around her. Not only is she a victim of colonial oppression, but also that arising out of religion. Time and again, her patience and resilience has been tested by her family, teachers, friends and several other people. Ever since an early age, she was made a victim of such oppression.

Even though Ms. Maslen was born in Dorset, she lived in West Africa. She was raised there only till she attained the age of seven. Following that, it was decided that Jenny will study in a Catholic School. Upon turning seven, she was sent to a Catholic Boarding School in Somerset. Jenny experienced some of the darkest moments of her life in that school. In fact, it was from this very school that religious oppression started being inflicted on Jenny. She was time & again tortured by the nuns in the school.

Eventually, Jenny decided to change her school. She made a shift from a Catholic Boarding School to another school in Bristol. While Jenny had thought things would change for good in this state secondary school, that wasn’t to be the case.  Jenny was bullied in this school as well which left a long-lasting impression on her.

Jenny’s married life was no different from her school life in the sense that it brought her no happiness. She was subjected to torture and cruelty by her husband. In fact, she was subjected to such grave physical abuse that she had to hide this fact from her children. However, despite all the troubles in her life, Jenny never gave up hope and lived bravely.

About Daughter of Colonialism

This book is an account of Jenny’s struggles and bravery. It throws light on how she was brave enough to leave her husband & live alone in Spain for 14 years. It also depicts how she coped with her husband’s death & the secret that she discovered soon after his death. The book is an inspiration for everyone, especially women to find calm and peace in the most difficult situations.

For all those who wish to know more about the life of Jenny Maslen, you can find the book on several online platforms.

The link to purchase the book is: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1739642007/

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