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Deborah Norville is a popular American TV journalist and businesswoman. She has been working as the Inside Edition television news magazine’s anchor since March 1995. She is also a member of the board of the Viacom CBS board of directors.

Early Life & Family

She is one of her parents’ four daughters. Deborah’s parents, Zachary Samuel Norville and Merle O. Norville, welcomed her into the world on August 8th, 1958 in Dalton, Georgia, in the United States. She has three sisters in total, with Patti Slivers and Cathy Amos making up two of them. She studied at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, where she earned a BA in journalism in 1979 and a perfect 4.0 GPA.

The Norville Industries executives are her siblings. She had a gift for sewing that she had received from her mother at a young age. Her parents split at an early stage of her life. She then resided with her mother after her parents got divorced. Due to a fatal illness, her mother spent the majority of her time in bed. When Deborah was 20 years old, she passed away.


At a very young age, Deborah Norville triumphed in her town’s local Junior Miss beauty pageant when she was in high school. This gained her a lot of confidence to then compete in the 1976 American Junior Miss pageant as Georgia’s representative. She had lost the 1976 American Junior Miss pageant, but that gave her just enough motivation to change her career objective from law to television journalism and hit the bigger goal. She then presided over the 1999 America’s Junior Miss pageant.

While Deborah Norville was still a college student, her professional life had already begun. Through Georgia Public Television, she was given an internship where she worked on “The Lawmakers” and covered the Georgia General Assembly. Later, while she was in her senior year of college, she was given the chance to work as a weekend reporter.

She is the founder of the Deborah Norville Collection, a range of yarns that she promotes and retails. She formerly held positions as co-host of The Today Show on NBC as well as anchor and correspondent for CBS News.


Deborah Norville married the well-known Swedish businessman Karl Wellner in 1987. Deborah and Karl have been married ever since. They have three kids: Niki (born in 1991), Kyle (born in 1995), and Mikaela (born in 1998).

Deborah Norville’s Net Worth

Deborah Norville’s net worth was $20 million as of July 2022. In addition to being a successful journalist, Norville has gained notoriety as a writer and publisher. In 2007, her book, “Thank You Power: Making the Science of Gratitude Work for You ” was listed as a New York Times Bestseller. She also sells a range of yarns made by Premier Yarns


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