Data is one of the most valuable things that anyone can possess. Data has a high informative value, and it can convey a lot of things that might not be explicitly clear. Thus, storage and management of data becomes imperative. Before the advent of technology, data was solely stored in physical form in large store houses. It was difficult to manage, update and backup data. In the past few years, this problem seems to have found its redressal in the form of virtual data rooms.

What are Virtual Data Rooms?

Virtual data rooms are data storage houses available online that provide a secure and convenient database to organizations. It allows organizations to have a centrally managed database with the ability to provide selective access. It means that the management can decide which files are to be made available to all employees and which not. Specific data folders can be created with the limited access mechanism. This feature assists the management in maintaining confidentiality of its work. These virtual data-rooms provide you unmatchable accessibility & mobility as you can access & transfer it from any part of the world.

Security of Virtual Data Rooms

As mentioned above briefly, the virtual data rooms are extremely secure. The data is stored in an encrypted format and only authorized persons can access it. A person without the correct login details cannot access data. Quality virtual data rooms like that provided by Docurex even come with the feature of two factor authentication. In this system, the user will have to fill in a unique password every time he wishes to gain access. This unique new password would be in addition to the general password. Also, important files can be protected from plagiarism by using watermarks, disabling the copy/print function, etc.


Major Uses of Virtual Data Rooms

Please read below some important uses of virtual data rooms:

  • Help in the storage and exchange of information
  • Help companies to undergo the due diligence process with ease
  • Assist in the buying, selling, and merging of companies where data holds immense value
  • Provide time and space utility
  • A convenient, secure, and economical form of database

Major virtual data room providers like Docurex don’t even require their users to install separate softwares on their devices. This further improves the ease of use & makes the management process extremely easy.

How to Select a Good Database?

Given the value that data holds, it becomes more important to select a good database. Please read the important information below before selecting a database:

  • The database provider should have experience and good customer base
  • The database must have easy to use interface to ensure convenient use
  • The database must offer a wide range of features including the one to enable selective/limited access
  • The database must have sufficient capacity to cater to large-scale organizational demands and have a good customer support service.

Clearly, having a database is extremely important and one shall make the right choice while selecting its provider.

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