Does the Type of Business Degree Really Matter?

The best part about a business degree is its versatility, as it can provide you with several career choices and benefit you in almost every field. As of now, the field of business stands out to be one of the top college majors.

With vast options and specializations, it is also one of the least-regretted career paths with close to zero fail rate. Since a business degree is one of the most versatile qualifications, achieving a diploma in this field will turn out to be one of the best investments of your time.

Choosing the correct business major is crucial for finding success in the career of your interest. Whether you’re passionate about human resources or entrepreneurship, you have multiple options to pick from.

Let us guide you through a few business majors so you can figure out your expertise and make the right decision about your academic and professional growth.

Understanding the Different Types Of Business Degrees

A specialized degree of your preference will benefit you in a myriad of ways. You can choose an area of interest according to your passions and pursue what you love from the very beginning of your program. Whether you pursue an online degree or the usual campus, picking a program can be the most vital decision, providing you with a proper career-focused curriculum and a strong business foundation. 

Here we have compiled a guide to a few different business degrees. Each degree has its own core value and significance, which might help you narrow down the career path of your choice. 

Administration Degree Specialization

One of the most influential business degrees is a General Master of Business Administration Degree, as it can familiarize you with some of the most well-paid business careers. After achieving a bachelor’s degree, MBA allows you to study industry-specific business demands.

The online general MBA program is a flexible degree program that qualifies you for various career paths such as finance, big data, accounting, business forecasting, and more. This degree consists of a broad range of specializations and it prepares you to face the challenges in your specific field. Undoubtedly, it can be a great way to study advanced business fundamentals and succeed in your career.

Average salary: $51,038 – $68,230 per year

Career opportunities: Financial Management, Director, Business analyst, Research analyst, Information technology, etc.

Entrepreneurship Degree Specialization

If you’re passionate about setting up a business or you already own one, then a specialized degree of entrepreneurship could be your pick. This unique degree program introduces young minds to the realities of the business environments around the world. The curriculum is designed to give future innovators and strategists skills that empower them to face all the challenges regarding running a business.

In this program, students get to learn about employment law, management, and budgeting. It also develops your key managerial skills as a team leader. The course may also focus on employing negotiation strategy and studying contracting and procurement, but it mainly reflects the creativity of managing strategic and innovative businesses.

Average salary: $53,510 – $102,537 per year

Career opportunities: Marketing manager, Sales Manager, System analyst, financial advisor, Management analyst, etc.

International Business Degree Specialization

This is the business degree that allows you to take over on global opportunities and introduces you to the strategies of the international business world. This program enables you to study global banking, financial markets, cultural behaviors, international monetary policy, and much more about global business. It reflects how relations affect business and how to adapt global marketing tactics and processes in an international business environment. The course may also include global logistics, business ethics, intercultural communication, and more, and it simply trains future innovators to learn all about global business.

Average salary: $12.74 – $27.01 per hour

Career opportunities: Business development manager, Logistics specialist, Supply chain analyst, etc.

Human Resource Management Degree Specialization

Almost every industry requires human resource management as it teaches how to retain skilled talent and train and motivate employees. Humans are an essential asset, and finding a workforce with the right skills, qualifications and behavior is the simplest way to succeed.

A degree in Human Resource Management will mainly teach you the proper interviewing skills, federal workplace rules, and how to keep the employees focused and inspired. It also allows you to benefit from the ideal blend of sociopsychological and business management matters. The course may also include employee and labor relations, statistics, training, disciplinary actions, and organizational behavior. 

Average salary: $41,803 – $73,268 per year

Career opportunities: Human resources manager, Student advisor, Human resources generalist, etc.

What Type of Business Degree Should You Pursue?

This is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make so it is better to make an informed decision. Below are the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing your business degree: 

  • Interests  

The most important thing to focus on while choosing a major is your passion. You should choose the field that interests you and feels more like fun than work. Being passionate about your major will keep you motivated till the end of your program and throughout your career.

  • Salary  

Some business careers lead to higher salaries than others. Keep your dream lifestyle in your mind while choosing your major. 

  • Skills 

Think about your strengths and how you can use them in a particular field. Any skill you naturally have or attained through previous experiences can be a major factor and help you succeed in your chosen field. 

  • Work-Life Balance 

Maintaining a proper work-life balance that keeps you happy and healthy is a vital factor to consider. You should do your research and consider how much time you’d be able to dedicate for success in your career, as some jobs might require extra work time and devotion than others.

Where Can I Get the Business Degree of My Choice?

An online general MBA program will allow you to get your master’s degree in your specific interests at a flexible pace.

The AACSB-accredited MBA online program by Radford University offers various specializations, including but not limited to finance, marketing and entrepreneurship. So, go ahead and choose your major to succeed further in your career without even having to go to campus!


Each of the listed degrees is entirely different while still being built around the core business principles. The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a moneymaking career, business is the best choice, but the main thing is to know which career path is right for you.

These degrees simply illustrate how versatile and progressive this field can be for the experts who work within it.

Take your pick from our detailed guide to promise a better future for yourself.

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