On the outset, entertainers seem to live a life full of glam, comfort and fun. They are looked upon as some of the most carefree beings who live a luxurious and affluent life. They travel across the world, meet innumerable people, and have some of the most aesthetic experiences. However, there’s much more to the life of an entertainer just like any other being.

The celebrity life that they live is the result of their constant hard work, determination and persistence. While this sort of a life might appear to be extremely fascinating to others, it comes at a cost. Entertainers often have to compromise on their privacy and numerous rumours are formed about them throughout their career and lives. There’s certainly a lot that can be learnt from an entertainer’s life. While we might find several books written by others on entertainers, autobiographies are the best sources of learning and inspiration. The pandemic period has even inspired various celebrity figures to write about their lives.

A Leading Example

One such entertainer who is globally popular and has lived an interesting yet controversial life is Bryan Murphy. Hailing from Brooklyn originally, Bryan is a widower and is now settled in the UK. During all these years he has worked as an entertainer, various people have written about him and his life. From the scandals to his love affairs or any professional fights, there are writings and articles about everything. Numerous popular platforms often write about Bryan Murphy and his life. These include- TMZ, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, The Sun, Page 6, etc. In fact, given that we live in a digital era, these writings are widely circulated due to the internet. The social media in itself is self-sufficient to publicise artists like Bryan Murphy and their lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided Bryan Murphy with an opportunity to talk about his life and all the controversies & experiences. His book titled ‘Everybody on the Stage for the Hawaiian Number’ has recently hit the market.

About the Book

‘Everybody on the Stage for the Hawaiian Number’ is an attempt by Murphy to explain his version of his life. He wishes to talk about his life, experiences, learnings and answer all those critical of his lifestyle. In fact, it goes beyond his life as an entertainer. He talks about life in general, its social and cultural perspective and provides valuable life lessons.

In his book, Murphy talks about growing up as a gay and receiving unconditional love from his family. He talks about his partner, living with him happily for 18 years and finding love. Also, he talks about the experience and confidence one gets from being a New Yorker. On the professional front, he advises to dream big and work to achieve them. He also suggests to always be positive, not fear rejection & keep trying.

The book is an interesting version of Murphy’s personal and professional life. It can be bought on Amazon and other online platforms as well. Do give it a read!

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