Everything About Kimberley Woolen – Bio, Career, Family, And Net Worth

Glen Campbell’s widow – Well, that’s how most people identify her. But Kimberly Woolen Campbell or simply, Kimberly Woolen is much more than that.

Raised in North Carolina, the somber, loving, yet ambitious lady has a pleasing personality, probably received from her mother. Being a single parent, she left no stone unturned to raise Kimberly into a kind and beautiful young woman who married the Southern Christian millionaire in 1982. Her more than 30-years of happy married life came to an end with the untimely demise of her husband in 2017. But Kimberly did, and perhaps, never will lose that charming smile, which Glen fell in love with.

Do you wish to know more about this selfless and loving woman? Let us get to the basics first:

Her career Dancer & Performer
Body measurements She never revealed any, except her height of 5.7 inches
Hair color Blonde
Social media profile None – She is more of a private person
Net worth $50 Million
Age 61
Children 3 – Shannon Campbell, Ashley Campbell, Cal Campbell
Spouse Late Glen Campbell

How was Kimberly Woolen’s early life?

Her parents got separated when she was quite young. Kimberly was brought up by her mother, a generous woman, in Newport, North Carolina. Although she lived with her mother throughout her adolescence, she shared a close relationship with her father. On developing an interest in performing arts, she took a formal course in dance from the East Carolina University in Greenville. At the age of 20, she moved to New York to grow her career.


Kimberly was first seen dancing in The Music Man by Jones Beach in the 70s. Her talent took her a long way, and soon she tasted success with her stage performances and dance stints. After her marriage to Glen, she took a break from professional dancing but continued with her lessons in the art.


Kimberly and Glen Campbell

They met in New York in 1981, fell in love, and got married a year later. Their first date was a blind one, arranged by one of the singer’s friends. The loving couple has three children, Cal, Shannon, and Ashley Campbell, who has retained her father’s tradition by being a country singer too. She is the youngest and the most talented of the three. However, Glen did not have a peaceful ending. The latter years of his life were immersed in addictions, including that of drugs. He also suffered from a terminal illness, which later took his life in 2017. However, Kim stayed with him till his last breath, holding his hand, as he died of Alzheimer’s, a rare and complicated neurological condition.


Kimberly was not Glen’s first wife, but the fourth. It didn’t work with his former wives, namely, Diane Kirk, Billie Jean Nunley, and Sarah Barg. He had five children from his previous wives, and his first-borns Travis and Debby even filed a lawsuit against Kimberly in 2015. They accused her of not letting them meet their ailing father. The lawsuit inspired the Campbell Act, which now protects the rights of family members to visit an Alzheimer’s patient, no matter what the legal conservator feels.


What is Kimberly Woolen’s net worth now?

She has never revealed too much about her earnings, but as the executor of her husband’s will, she enjoys an approximate net worth of $50 million, as of 2020. The value of Glen’s estate is estimated to be about $410,000 today. Half of this value is probably going to be put in a trust. The late country star’s will exclude his children from Billie, his second wife.


Kimberly generally stays away from the media, as she respects her privacy a lot. The beautiful and serene lady is believed to be living a quiet life today, away from the camera flashes and the spotlight.

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