Everything to Know About Anne Stringfield – Wife of Steve Martin

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” – Steve Martin.

Anne Springfield is probably the sunshine that he is talking about here. Theirs have been one of the most realistic and popular May-December romance in the entertainment world. Despite the age gap of 25 years and Steve’s former relationship failure, the couple started dating in 2002 and got married in 2007. The celebrations were held in Steve’s house in LA and away from the prying eyes of the media. Even the guests were not informed about the occasion. They came to attend a regular, casual party. It is only after they reached the venue that they got to learn about the big surprise.

Although Stringfield is known to the world as Steve’s second wife, she has more to her identity. Let us shed some light on the life of this amazing woman.

Anne’s Year of Birth




Birth Name

Anne Powell Stringfield


Writer, Editor, Fact Checker


5.7 inches


60 Kg


Dr. James Stringfield


Margo Stringfield
Reading, Traveling

Favorite Writers

Agatha Christie, Hermann Hesse


Mary Martin


Early life and background of Anne Stringfield

Anne was born into an academic family with no link to writing or the entertainment world. Her father, Dr. James Stringfield was a pulmonologist, and her mother worked at the University of West Florida as an archaeologist. Anne matriculated from Pensacola High School and got admitted to Davidson College later. She got out in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree and took a job as a fact-checker at none other than The New Yorker magazine. Besides checking facts, she also wrote articles, features, and reviews on off-Broadway theatre productions occasionally for the magazine. Art was her scene, and as a trustee of the LA Museum of Art, she wrote beautiful articles in the genre. She has also worked as a freelance writer for Vogue and other popular publications.

Relationships and Steve!

Anne Stringfield is Steve Martin’s second wife, the first one being Victoria Tennant, an English actress. They got separated in 1994 after eight years of marriage. Anne met Steve through work when she was assigned one of his comedy pieces to check. She called him several times for the work but became friends in the process. According to sources, they talked over the phone for years before meeting in real. Despite being a stand-up comedian and a popular one that too, Steve is an introvert. The chirpy yet calm demeanor of Anne impressed him a lot. They took their guests by surprise, as they attended a party at Steve’s LA residence, only to find that the couple has planned to take their vows. Although the couple decided to make their wedding a surprise, it was a star-studded occasion. Almost everyone, from Bob Kerrey to Lorne Michaels, was present to cheer for the newlyweds.


After five years of marriage, the couple welcomed their firstborn, Mary Martin, to the world. But what is more interesting, Steve joked in one of his shows that their daughter has been named, ‘Conquistador’, which is a statement of uniqueness. It means that Mary is different from the rest of the Hollywood star kids. Currently, Anne leads a blissful life with her husband Steve and daughter Mary, despite people raising questions about their age gap.


The net worth of Anne Stringfield

Anne Stringfield’s individual net worth is somewhere around $1 million, according to the sources. She accumulated it primarily through her writing career. With Steve, she has a net worth of more than $130 million as of 2018. Her individual earnings are also expected to grow with time.


Anne loves her privacy and prefers to stay off the limelight as much as possible. Hence, she is not on most of the social media platforms. However, Steve has millions of followers on social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook.


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