Gaylord Boxes Guide

These days, there are numerous products available on the market to help with shipping and packaging. It can be tricky to determine which packaging is the best to use for your business. It will depend on the type of product that you will be sending or storing. Fortunately, over time, many packaging innovations have been made to make it easier to come to a decision. These innovations include Gaylord box liners. You may be wondering whether our product needs to have Gaylord box liners, how they work, and the benefit that they provide. In this guide, we will be providing you with a helpful overview so you can make the best decision for your business.

Gaylord Liners – Understanding Them and History Of Their Use And Development

Multi-layer laminate is used to create Gaylord liners to provide effective protection against moisture and atmospheric changes. Gaylord is a term that is commonly used in Canada and the US to refer to the style of the box, which has a triple-corrugated wall. The name is derived from the very first of this type of boxes that were manufactured initially by Gaylord Container Company in St. Louis. A San Francisco-based company called Crown Zellerbach acquired the Gaylord business in 1955. However, the name Gaylord stuck. People still use it today to describe the kind of liners that are used for lining the larger boxes for transporting goods.

The Benefits Provided By Gaylord Liners

Gaylord liners are made according to customer specifications. Therefore, they provide a great fix inside of the outer corrugated layer of the box that it is being used for. Today’s best packaging companies offer a wide selection of options for you to choose from. This ensures that you ed with the best solution possible to meet your needs.

Using 3 wall Gaylord boxes provides you with many different benefits. The boxes are very economical. There are numerous ways that they can help you save money for example, strong and durable Gaylord boxes can be used and reused. Due to how large these boxes are, shipments can also be effectively combined. This will help to save money.

Using Gaylord boxes also provides you with the benefit of durability. That is because the boxes are made out of corrugated cardboard, making them a lot more durable. Three different layers of paper are used to create corrugated boxes, there is an inside liner, an outside liner, along with a flute that is in between the two liners. There are many different reasons why it is the ideal design. First, the boxes are very strong and durable. Also, you receive the additional strength that you need without negatively impacting the environment.

In addition to this, Gaylord liners are also eco-friendly. That is because they are made from materials that you can reuse and recycle. Many people use Gaylord boxes repeatedly. When you reuse a box, a new one does not need to be produced. This reduces bi-products, water consumption, and CO2 emission. There is also a saving on materials, which means that fewer trees will be needed. All of this helps to benefit our environment.

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