Here is How Beauty Industry Can Benefit from Fancy Packaging

Many businesses often overlook the importance of packaging, even though it is a single most important factor that can sway the buyer’s decision in your favour. Ever wondered why one product is moving better than the others? You may not know this but the industry leaders have spent years and dollars in understanding the consumer behaviour and often used those insights in designing the product packaging that makes them preferable over other products in the same aisle.  

A lot of thought, work, and strategy goes into launching a new product, especially if you are catering to the fast-moving beauty industry. With trends changing at the drop a hat and new products being introduced rapidly, how can one leverage packaging to gain a competitive edge? This article will address not just this one simple question but a lot of others that can all lead up to increased sales.

Did you know that quality product packaging is associated with trustworthiness, quality, and credibility? Unlike other areas of your life, the beauty industry is a book that is judged by its cover! You don’t know what a perfume smells like by just looking at it. However, if it looks good, then it probably smells good too! This is a common buyer logic that makes packaging such an integral part of your marketing mix. It is hard to imagine how business planners so easily overlook the importance of how their products look on the aisle, competing with others solely on the basis of their appearance!

Your packaging can make a world of difference to the way your product is perceived by your buyers. You may be selling a bottle of perfume or an expensive night cream; But what you need to understand is that your consumers are stimulated visually and scrutinize you meticulously before they put their money on you. Your cosmetics may be the best out there but if your packaging is weak, then expect them to die an unnatural death on the aisles gathering dust. Nobody wants to a buy a hand lotion or a moisturizer that looks shoddy!

Websites like show exactly what classy packaging looks like and how it can change the way your consumers look at you. With right kind of design, you can convey your brand message loud and clear, encouraging them to trust you even before they have tried your product, this is the power of packaging!

That being said, let us discuss with you a few tips that can help you in developing the casing of your upcoming products.

Coherence Between Packaging & Product

Never have quality packaging for a crappy product and vice-versa. For your consumers to trust and stay loyal to you, it is important to build the product and its packaging with the same development process. This not only helps your product stay coherent with its boxing but also encourages your customers to trust you and connect with your product more confidently.

Design it for your Target Audience

Don’t try the one-size-fits-all strategy in the development of your product packaging. If you are dealing with organic beauty products, then ensure that the packaging has earthy tones, rustic appeal, and stimulating to people who are nature lovers. Your consumers should feel the purity of the package’s contents just by looking at it. When you are formulating the design, your target audience should be the key element. Don’t separate the product from its packaging, they both have the same motive, get the users to try you and stick with you.

Colour Coordinate your Design

Colours are one of the easiest and most effective methods used by design teams to attract customers. Using bright colour palette is a rookie trick that helps you stand out from the crowd. However, using too many bright colours can confuse your buyers and obscure your brand message. The colours should be used sparingly, yet effectively to send out just the right message. Make your product design thematic and use a colour that coordinates with your brand and instills trust. If you are a cosmetics company, then use colours like yellow for youthful products, green for organic products, pink for feminine products, so on and so forth.

Don’t Cut Corners when Unnecessary

While the budget is a big concern for all businesses, cutting corners on the quality of packaging can have a debilitating impact on the sales of your product. When the boxing is cheap, it often trickles down to the product’s quality being ill-perceived too. Your buyers will judge you by the way you look so why invest poorly in it? If you must influence the buyer’s assumption about you, then let it sway towards you and not away from you. Your product packaging design team should marry the product quality with package quality for your buyers to go out on a limb and give you a shot!

Be Inventive

There is nothing like trying innovative styles and packaging designs to give yourself a certain edge. Don’t be afraid to try quirky designs like Origami or using minimal designs like paper packaging with interesting labels. Consumers love to interact with products that align with their personalities. Depending on the type of consumers you are serving, use their personality traits and infuse it into your packaging. From typographic fonts to earthy labels, sometimes simplicity can do the trick that over-the-top packaging cannot. The trick lies in identifying what your consumers are going to like and use that knowledge to build a product wrapping that beckons attention!

Product packaging is no rocket science. It is all about using the power of your imagination to build something that will develop an emotional connection between your product and its intended users. Colours, fonts, labels, packaging type, consumer personality traits, innovativeness, and little common sense can together help you in designing a packaging that will strike the right chord with the potential customers. Needless to say, the success of your product is not just limited to its packaging. You need to give to your customers exactly what you promise through the packaging!


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