Improve UX to grow your business:

Due to the recent pandemic, it’s easy to see why most consumers are taking a lot more consideration when they decide to purchase a product or service. From everyday groceries to larger purchases like cars or a home, consumers are generally much more aware of how they are marketed to and where they are spending their money. This is enough to dampen any businesses efforts and investments to market themselves and grow as a business.

With the above said, you would think that in 2020/2021, most consumers would be hesitant to spend their money, but this is in stark contrast to overall spending figures taken from the past 12 months. Over 70% of people have stated that they buy online more than they ever have, with over 75% of consumers saying that they order something online at least once a month. This fixation on purchasing via. Online platforms are easy to understand when you realise that people seek convenience over anything else when it comes to purchasing a product or service.

Multiple sectors in 2020 to 2021 have shown immense growth both in revenue and profit. Food delivery companies saw huge growth in 2020, as lockdown forced the hand of a lot of food establishments to jump on the delivery bandwagon. The food delivery business that is worth more than $150 billion globally, has more than doubled since 2018.

Convienence is priority:

The above may not seem relevant to you and your business, but convenience as a business model scales down or up to any business. Convenience is within human nature to seek, so it makes sense as to why consumers seek convenience when they wish to purchase something.

This scales down to something like your business’s website, as convenience in the form of an easy checkout, clickable CTA’s and handy contact forms should all be presented well on your site. Any point of contact that can push your customer to the next stage of your conversion path should be the highest priority when you consider the design and function of your website.

Whether it be amending how your website functions in terms of a sales process or tweaking your existing pages to better suit your user’s needs, considering UX can be the key no matter the findings when you analyse your website.

Why UX is important to your website:

You have to ask yourself when you consider the overall UX of your website, what does this provide for your customer? Whilst you may have several USP’s that usurp anything your competitors offer, potential customers of yours may be being provided with a better experience elsewhere.

Your website is usually the first platform your customers interact with, so you have to understand how your website represents you and what it offers to your customers. Does your website suit your customer’s needs and requirements? Will they be offered a better experience if they decide to purchase a product or service elsewhere? These are all questions you should ask yourself when you try to analyse your own UX.

Working with the leading digital marketing agency in bristol, implementing CRO in order to improve overall UX has been a lifesaver to businesses, giving them the ability to improve conversion rates on specific landing pages as well as sitewide. UX is at the moment, being slept on as an opportunity for most businesses so it’s something to consider. If you are trying to invest in your business in order to grow, develop and succeed, taking a look at your website’s UX may be just the thing you need.

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