Is Cryptocurrency Trading Is Better Than Forex Trading?

The world is evolving at a rapid pace, whether we like it or not. And this applies remarkably to the trading market. More and more people are shifting to Crypto currency trading while the others are enrouted to their traditions and remain consistent to Forex. But what’s the core difference between the two?  Is there any specific lawful reason why people are more inclined towards Crypto currency than Forex?

Crypto currency Trading Vs Forex Trading

Forex is rather considered as the stable way of trading, and it will ask some time to brush your trading skills. You need to invest a lot of time and effort to reach certain information to actually make some potent gains.

Generally, Foreign Exchange (or forex) is a platform where you purchase and sale actual currencies. It is very much similar to what stock exchange is, where parties trade stock of a company. Yes, it is similar in a way that here also money does not become yours at once.

Rather, you gain benefit from the altering value depending on the exchange rate of the currency. In fact, it is the Forex market that defined the exchange rate – which is constantly floating.

To cite an example, you plan a trip to Europe, and you exchange dollars to Euros at a certain rate. By the time you return back home, the exchange rate has changed, and exchange the same amount of Euros into dollars, you realize that now you gained some more money out of it.

The similar strategy is used by traders. You can though anticipate this change in rate, but at the similar time, it’s equally risky. You can never find how the exchange rate will modify.

This is also applicable even if you’re day trading on eToro, doing long-term trades with Robinhood or with any other broker you’re signed-up with.

You need to invest a lot of time and effort to reach certain information to actually make some potent gains


It is not as fascinating as Forex and it represents our elevation in the modern times. Here, instead of working with real currencies, you work with virtual ones, the Bitcoin.

Individual invest in Bitcoins and use them to purchase products and services online. Each and every transaction is recorded on the block ,chain; hence no risk of fraud is there.

Though, using Bitcoins is still in an initial phase and yet to attain the popularity. By the time more of them will be circulating, their value will also rise in the market.

In a nutshell, both Forex and Bitcoin investments can fetch your gains. The difference is that Bitcoin is more volatile than Forex, and it also anticipates growth. If you desire to know more about such trading, you should try a virtual trading account, where you can polish up your trading skills.

Both the trading platforms are not very different from one another. It’s only based on how much experience and knowledge you have in trading. You can make good money with both kinds of trading. It’s about the right timing to hit the chord.