The 21st century is the era of globalization. We live in a fast-moving world that is extremely competitive. Thus, to survive and succeed, special skills and knowledge are required. Education is one medium that has the potential to change lives by providing specialized education & equipping individuals with requisite skills. Finance is one such sector that has always been growth-oriented and is highly competitive. With economies integrating & markets attaining a capitalist face, there’s a rapid rise in youth making careers in the finance sector. Attaining education specific to the sector of finance is a prerequisite for a successful career. Furthermore, obtaining a master’s degree also seems to be quite important these days. It’s because it provides you an upper edge over your competitors & makes you a better prospect for the top companies.

Master of Finance helps students to build a prolific career in the field of finance. It helps them to diversify their options and attain specialization in different fields within the finance sector. These include applied finance, business management and financial technology. The UNSW online Master of Finance program is a highly comprehensive course that aims at skill enhancement.

Applied Finance Program

The UNSW Master of Applied Finance closely aligns with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course. This program is a part time study degree that allows you to attain a master’s degree in a span of two years. A unique feature about this program is that it comes with a consistent support feature. All the enrolled students are aided by a special Student Success Advisor. These qualified & experienced advisors help the students to find the right stream, company and job & act as a guiding light. It is a 12-subject program that is further bifurcated into 8 core units and 4 elective subjects.

Master of Financial Technology

This program aims to bring together finance and technology. Technology has been able to bring about significant changes in almost every field. This program has been designed to ensure that the finance sector too enjoys such technological advancement benefits. It is again a part time course comprising 12 subjects. It is aimed to capitalize on the potential of the FinTech sector, a developing area in the field of finance. Graduates from any background can pursue this course. All that they require is to complete a graduate certificate course. This allows students from non-finance or non-technology backgrounds to pursue this course as well. The course consists of several units that include problem solving methods, tech disruption, etc. Every unit takes up almost a 7-week time of part time study & thus can be easily completed and managed.

Master of Finance vs. MBA

There has been a long-standing debate on which of the two degrees is better. Though it depends more on your career preference, the general view is that a Master of Finance degree is better. This is because doing an MBA only gives you a better understanding of management principles and is highly theoretical. Master of Finance on the other hand involves attaining technical skills and knowledge which is highly valued in Banking & Finance.

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