Have you ever experienced a situation of cash crunch or immediate funds requirement? Well, I am sure that most of us have. Be it individuals, students, adults, senior citizens or even big corporate giants, everyone needs money. But what does one do when one doesn’t have sufficient funds? It is in such a situation that we turn to the lending institutions for help. In earlier times, the lending sector used to be highly informal. However, this sector has come a long way since then as today we see large corporate lending institutions everywhere. This article will provide you some details about a leading lending institution in Singapore.

About Capital Funds Investments

Capital Funds Investments is a leading licensed moneylender in Singapore and is duly regulated by the Law Ministry of Singapore. It provides a one stop solution for their urgent cash requirements and helps them tackle financial adversities. The company places a great deal of emphasis on customer needs and satisfaction. This investment company truly believes in the motto that ‘life is all about second chances’. It assists people in planning a better future for themselves by giving them the required money.

Unlike several other financial institutions in Singapore, Capital Funds Investments provides unsecured loans to those in need. The company doesn’t take into account credit history or past income. All that it considers is your current income while granting you a loan. It values the financial needs of its customers and provides them with robust solutions.

Loan Procurement Process & Features

Unlike other banks and lending financial institutions, the CFI loan process doesn’t take up weeks and lots of paperwork. CFI offers a highly quick and easy 3-steps process to obtain loans. Firstly, apply for a loan with CFI and their representative will provide you loan consultancy free of cost. Then, if you decide to take a loan, you must submit your application and documents through the MyInfo platform. Once all of this is done, all that is left for you to do is sign the contract. Once that is done, the money will reach you immediately.

Some major features of the CFI loan process are:

  • They offer interest free loans if the principal amount is settled within 14 days.
  • They offer the lowest interest rate as compared to its competitors.
  • They offer hassle-free customized services without having to go through unnecessary formalities; and
  • They even provide repayment periods as long as 60 months based upon your current income.

Types of Loans

Some major types of loans that are offered by CFI include:

  • Debt Consolidation Loan: To manage one’s existing debt.
  • Personal Loan: To cater to one’s varied personal needs.
  • Business Loan: To meet business obligations and initiate expansion.
  • Renovation Loan: A special loan to rebuild your home or workspace.

Apart from these, the company also offers other loans like payday loans, fast cash loans, bridging loans, foreigner loans, etc.

Thus, CFI covers up pretty much everything when it comes to lending and is extremely reliable and successful.

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