Nisha Guragain Wiki Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth & Career

Nisha Guragain is a 21st-century popular tik-toker, an Instagram star, a video creator, a model, a fashion influencer, and a significant contributor to Instagram Reels. At a very young age, Nisha reached great heights in the digital era of entertainment. She creates dance, comedy, drama, and romantic-themed videos for her reels. More than 6 million people follow Nisha Guragain on Instagram (as of 2022).

Early Age

Nisha Guragain was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is 25 years old. She pursued her early education and went to college in Mumbai. After graduating from a private school in Mumbai, she pursued a master’s degree in commerce. Nisha is very secretive about her personal life and family and hasn’t shared many intimate details about her parents with the world outside. But she once featured them in some of her early social media posts and videos. She has a beautiful family, including an adorable grandmother. Nisha is also said to have a younger sister, although this is unconfirmed. Appearance Height: 5 feet 5 inches Weight: 55 kg Black eyes, black hair, and fair skin

Boyfriend and dating life

Nisha Guragain prefers to maintain the privacy of her personal information and has never talked about her romances openly. It seems like Nisha is single now, despite rumors that she has been going around with her fellow TikToker, Vishal Pandey. Nisha and Vishal are seen together in many of her videos, and viewers love their on-screen chemistry.

Net worth

Nisha is one of the most promising social media performers and leads a lavish lifestyle. Although her actual net worth has not been disclosed yet, some sources claim it is around Rs 10 lakhs. Currently, she drives a Honda City and has a cute little puppy. According to recent reports, she charges between 1.5 and 2 lakh rupees per event. And her net worth is anticipated to increase in the coming years by a considerable amount. Nisha’s continued efforts to expand her fame in the entertainment industry through her videos and reels will likely get her more fame and worth soon. Nisha drives a Honda City and has a cute little puppy as well.

Professional life

After gaining abundant reach for her TikTok videos, Nisha Guragain has also started appearing in music videos lately. She made her debut in Kay Vee Singh’s 2019 Na Ladeya Kar music video for the Punjabi industry. Later, she appeared in Sukh Sandhu’s Jatta Ve Jatta music video, which was released in the same year.

Nisha Guragain social media

Nisha currently has an astounding 21.6 million followers and 551.3 million hearts. Currently, all of Nisha Guragain’s social media accounts have sizable followings. Her posts are a blessing for most street style and fashion enthusiasts, and she presently has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Nisha’s videos, pictures, and reels on Instagram significantly impact her audience and are loved and appreciated.

While on Tiktok, Nisha is one of the top Indian stars and has amassed a ton of fame there. She got widely appreciated after posting a lip-sync lyric video on Mujhe Yaad Hai Aata Teri Wo Nazrein Milana. This got her popularity and garnered attention from viewers. This particular video had about 2.5 million likes when it went viral and became instantly popular on social media platforms.

Especially after reaching 10 million followers on the network, she has been working with other well-known performers on TikTok. Her most illustrious partnerships have been with famous Tiktok faces such as Riyaz, Manav Chhabra, and Faisal Shaikh. On her YouTube channel, Nisha also periodically uploads videos for her followers. She isn’t active on the platform, though.

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