Office Furniture Overhaul? Find the Best Services

There are many reasons you may have to overhaul your workplace furniture. Maybe it is relocation, or you are looking for a makeover or just closing down the facility. You can save a lot of money by choosing refurbished and customized office furniture. There are many advantages apart from the main financial motive.

When planning your office layout it is best you reach out to experts who can guide you through the process. Some of the important things to consider include storage, ergonomics, lighting, and communication space. Long-term maintenance is also another key factor to consider so choose sturdy and easy-to-clean materials for your workspace.

Refurbished Office Furniture – As Good as New

Reputed refurbished furniture companies will source the best models for your requirements and you will have plenty to choose from. You can also afford to go for bigger brands and better quality material when you choose pre-owned furniture.

Each office space is very distinct and you can get your refurbished furniture customized accordingly. Some of the common ideas include adding storage elements to the basic set-up and giving the furniture a color theme that represents your unique brand. There is no dearth of design ideas for office furniture so you can let your imagination run wild. From traditional grid layouts to hive pattern cubicles, depending on the space you have, there is ample choice.

Relocating Office Furniture

Office furniture is more complex than regular furniture, often an integrated system made of many parts and components. So relocation is not as simple as throwing a couple of chairs and tables in the back of a truck.  It involves painstakingly uninstalling many fixtures and making sure that the packing process is organized.

Setting up an office space in a new location also involves many compliance requirements. This is why you need experts of this very niche task. They will help you out with the paperwork along with the physical reinstallation of your furniture. With a dedicated project manager who would have studied the new site, your office setup will be done in a seamless manner, ticking all the necessary boxes.

Furniture Liquidation Services

If you are getting rid of your old set-up then office furniture liquidation is the best way to go about it. The old furniture can get re-used by others after it gets refurbished. Liquidation companies also offer fair rates. Why send stuff to the landfill or sell at uninformed prices when you can cut your losses in a big way.

Recycling is another important process and furniture liquidation companies have the expertise to make the best use of the materials and send only the minimum for the junkyard. This is a responsible way to proceed with old office furniture as waste has become a huge problem as this 2011 EPA report suggests.

Your old furniture and surplus office supplies can also be used for non-profit social causes. Companies like St. Louis based FSG have initiatives where they help out soldier rehabilitation organizations with funds and even office set-ups. Refurbished furniture and surplus office supplies can also be used by schools across America.

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