World history is full of examples where the order of nature is disrupted by man to satisfy his greed. The past centuries have witnessed several wars over land, political supremacy, access to resources and what not. While those involved in the war suffer inevitably, it is the common population who is the worst sufferer. The African continent has always been surrounded by wars, disturbances, and hostile takeovers and coups. Back in the day, Uganda, a country in East Africa, had also suffered the consequences of war. Outrunning Fear is the story of a young girl who was forced to flee from her country to remain alive. This piece of personal account written by Christine Glory talks about her hardships during the war period. The book also describes how a loving family and community love to her & protect her from all the hardships.

About the Story

The author is born in Uganda and spends her early years in her birthplace only. However, barely does she know that she is going to be displaced from her place of residence. War strikes Uganda and it disrupts the entire nation. People are scared of the bloodshed around them, houses and buildings are being looted, civilians are being killed & what not. The Lord’s Resistance Army is in no mood to show any mercy. One day, in the middle of the night, Christine is pulled from her bed to flee the country. Christine along with her family barely escape to the UK in the search of a better life.

Christine’s life undergoes a radical change as she is forced to leave her own country. This marks the beginning of her life struggles. Christine shares her life experiences of living in extreme poverty and illness. She also throws light on how her life changes as she is made to switch between two entirely different continents. All of this comes as a great shock to her. However, Christine never really gives up and decides to take the hardships in her stride and move ahead in life.

About Christine’s Inspiring Journey

After having moved to England, Christine decides to shape her life as she desires and become successful. She wishes to overcome her fears, her failures and start afresh. Her family and community play a great role in this. They are extremely protective and supporting and they assist her at every step. They provide her with the much needed love, care and affection. All of this motivates Christine to do well in life.

As we speak today, Christine is a well reputed IT professional. She is also a mentor and a successful author. Christine is truly a role model for everyone out there, be it women, survivors of war or poor & unprivileged people. Her life is nothing if not inspiring for it involves overcoming the most difficult obstacles in life.  Read her book ‘Outrunning Fear’ to know more about her journey.

The book can be purchased from the given link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1739667808/

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