Wikigains Explains 10 Ways To Use Coupons To Encourage Repeat Business

These days, with more and more consumers looking for convenience in online stores, very few shoppers stay loyal to a store or brand, says Alex Papaconstantinou from Wikigains. Consumers are proactively researching products before buying. So to drive sales and encourage repeat business, many stores are offering hard-to-turn-down discount deals. If you are struggling to […]

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6 Things You Must Keep In Mind For Generating Website Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of a website. Without a constant stream of regular traffic, the purpose of sustaining a website itself is lost. And for a website owner, it is only by generating traffic can they profit from their business ventures. However, generating traffic is a difficult task since there are millions of other websites […]

Read More Analyzes Coupon Trends To Improve E-Mail Marketing

A recent white paper highlighted the importance of correctly utilizing coupons as a part of e-mail marketing campaigns. Properly applied, it estimates that coupons can easily lead to a total revenue increase of more than 30% over the course of your marketing efforts. According to the coupon experts from , the best practice is […]

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Here is How Beauty Industry Can Benefit from Fancy Packaging

Many businesses often overlook the importance of packaging, even though it is a single most important factor that can sway the buyer’s decision in your favour. Ever wondered why one product is moving better than the others? You may not know this but the industry leaders have spent years and dollars in understanding the consumer […]

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Top 4 Benefits Of Investing In Fixed Income Securities

When investing money, one will have the option of betting on fixed income securities or variable ones. Fixed income securities include instruments like bonds, Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), Certificate of Deposit (CoD), and so on. In contrast, options like equities typically come under variable income securities. Below, we look at four benefits of investing in […]

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