Wikigains Explains 10 Ways To Use Coupons To Encourage Repeat Business

These days, with more and more consumers looking for convenience in online stores, very few shoppers stay loyal to a store or brand, says Alex Papaconstantinou from Wikigains. Consumers are proactively researching products before buying. So to drive sales and encourage repeat business, many stores are offering hard-to-turn-down discount deals. If you are struggling to […]

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6 Things You Must Keep In Mind For Generating Website Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of a website. Without a constant stream of regular traffic, the purpose of sustaining a website itself is lost. And for a website owner, it is only by generating traffic can they profit from their business ventures. However, generating traffic is a difficult task since there are millions of other websites […]

Read More Analyzes Coupon Trends To Improve E-Mail Marketing

A recent white paper highlighted the importance of correctly utilizing coupons as a part of e-mail marketing campaigns. Properly applied, it estimates that coupons can easily lead to a total revenue increase of more than 30% over the course of your marketing efforts. According to the coupon experts from , the best practice is […]

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