Gone are the days, when people from a limited geographical expanse or similar characteristics used to work together. Workplaces these days are made up of diverse personalities. Everyone has their own unique set of traits, skill sets and aspirations. Working with culturally and emotionally different people is the new normal. Also, conflicting personality traits are something that trouble the employers of every organization as it often leads to conflict amongst the employees of an organization. The most common form of conflict is between neurodivergent and neurotypical people. Neurotypical people are capable and focused in one particular field or area of strength. They like to operate in a planned manner. Neurodivergent people like to change their focus from time and time and are often viewed as problematic.

However, both these sets of people can co-exist and add immense value to any organization. A leading example of how a neurodivergent personality can succeed and contribute in the workplace is the famous author John Leonard Hart III.

About the Author

John Leonard Hart III has a career background in programming and consultancy. He used to learn programming by referring to the works of his peers. He even used to retract it from the trash cans. As a child, he was very inquisitive and wished to try different things. As time passed by, he realized that he has a neurodivergent personality and that he cannot remain affixed on one thing. While some people might have considered it as a setback and attributed various psychological reasons to it, John decided to work on himself. Firstly, he built a successful career in programming. He used to operate in technical sectors like the automotive and financial sector. Both these industries require a great degree of skill and operate to work and succeed in.

Following this, he decided to try his hand in the consultancy industry. Today, he uses innovation, technology and dynamism to successfully transform organizations. John has captured his journey in a book titled ‘Somewhere on the Spectrum…..Once Upon a Business’.

About the Book

The book ‘Somewhere on the Spectrum…..Once Upon a Business’ is a career guide for neurodivergent people. It explains how such people can build successful careers working in corporate structures and organizations. While explaining so, the author also shares his journey at different workplaces. He mentions the challenges that he had to face, the support that he received and how he managed to rise in organizational hierarchy.

The author also describes how it is important on part of the organizations to support such employee personalities. It is important that they are viewed as assets and are provided with a comfortable environment. Also, they must feel a sense of validation from the top management to be able to perform to the best of their abilities. Therefore, for all the neurodivergent people out there, and even for the organizations looking to build good employee structure, this book is a must read.

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