The art of story writing is quite laborious. It comprises of the painstaking process of creating dynamic characters, impeccable narrative arc and what not. After all that, a writer still struggles to make a living with their work of art. It is no secret that making a living as a writer is ridiculously difficult even in 2022. The publishing world is tough, it’s like sailing through raging waters. The probability of getting through with a traditional publishing house is almost negligent. It is very rare for such houses to provide a space to the young creative minds looking for platforms to showcase their art.

Therefore, as a consequence, budding authors are trying their hands at self publishing. As of today, you can self publish your writing all on your own or with guidance and support of self publishing agencieslike MindStir Media, an LA based self publishing house. Such agencies provide young authors with ample opportunities to establish and make a mark as a successful writer. Although, it sounds pretty easy but it’s not that simple; before you make the decision to self publish, consider the below listed key points.

Go for a professional edit

The face of your work is its quality, it is therefore, of extreme importance that you put forward the most refined version of your book. In order to do that, you will have to execute a deep edit of your manuscript. Although, self edits are important and required, still, you must get a professional edit done as well. A pair of fresh eyes will only enhance the quality of your work. Self publishing opens up a variety of options, for instance, when it comes to professional edits you can hire a freelancer or opt for a self publishing agency like MindStir Media, which will provide you with budget friendly, high quality editing services.

Take care of the production needs of your book

It will not be good for your book if you decide to self publish it without giving a thought to the production needs of your book. You will have to make a plan for a variety of things including the book’s cover design, marketing, sales and distribution among others. Certainly a lot of work, as a writer it will be very challenging to juggle all these on your own. If you feel like you need some expert guidance you can always go for self publishing agencies. MindStir Media,one such agency provides all these services at pocket friendly prices.

Be mindful of your marketing platform and audience

Another important aspect that you must keep in mind is to choose a target audience and in accordance with that, a complimenting marketing platform. Marketing world underwent a considerable amount of change with the coming of the digital revolution. Online marketing means availability of a variety of options to market your work but it also means that you can’t just go for anything. If your book is for a particular audience, you must be mindful of the platform that you choose. It can be Wattpad for a certain kind of book, Facebook for others.

Feel like your book is all set to meet its readers? Well then, go ahead, get the wheels moving and don’t forget to keep these key points in mind.

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