Six things a Good Brand Manager must know

The brand manager is a vital part of any business’s road to success. They are responsible for using their savvy interpersonal skills, cunning, and creativity to ensure that the masses know about their company’s particular product or service.

After all, no matter how groundbreaking the product or service is, it won’t matter unless no one knows that it exists. However, the role of a brand manager stretches far beyond managing a company’s existence in the marketplace.

They also help foster trust in their brand, manage their reputation, develop advertising and marketing strategies, determine market-product fit, and much more. 

Furthermore, a brand manager collaborates with other company departments such as marketing, graphics design, strategic management, public relations, and much more. Therefore a brand manager must understand every facet of a business’s operations.

In the end, It is the role of a brand manager to ensure that a company’s marketing campaigns and materials align with its vision, mission, core values, and image. That said, successful brand managers require a particular set of skills to work cohesively with other company departments to ensure every piece of the puzzle fits accurately to strengthen the company’s brand reputation.

With that in mind, let us look at a few things good brand managers must know to succeed in their roles.

1. Immense business and marketing knowledge. 

A college or university education provides brand managers with a solid foundation for the future. Such is the case for most business and marketing-related degrees, where candidates can gain valuable information about the inner workings of a business’s operations and marketing department.

Not only that, but a business-related degree like an online master of business administration allows them to build solid relationship-building and networking skills, which are crucial for a company’s image management. 

Typically, brand managers must have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in marketing or business studies along with years of experience managing a company’s brand image to do their jobs diligently.

So, if you’re an aspiring candidate looking to dive headfirst into the world of brand management, consider acquiring a business or marketing-related degree to equip yourself with the necessary set of skills required to succeed in such a role.

2. Solid editing skills. 

Successful brand managers are experts on the art of language – meaning they can share a compelling story with the masses through any medium. After all, the best way to deliver a company’s message or share its vision is via concise, straightforward language.

In fact, a brand manager must know how to highlight a company’s most appealing and impressive services and products and align those details into a compelling story that relates to the target audience.

In the end, brand managers know how to present an appealing pitch through a handful of words while eliminating the usage of any extraneous language – which is a particular skill, especially during times when social media is dominating the digital world. 

3. Social media savviness. 

Like the invention of television, the radio, and newspapers, social media opened up a new outlet for marketing and brand image management efforts worldwide.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are now providing businesses the ability to share and convey their message directly with prospects’ online lives, which is the holy grail of digital marketing today!

An intelligent brand manager knows of this and utilizes social media to their company’s advantage. They must know the new generation(millennials) is using social media for everything from purchasing products to reading reviews to everything in between.

So, they should leverage this fact and improve their company’s brand awareness and online presence via social media. 

4. Knowledge of emerging trends. 

The marketing world is constantly evolving at breakneck speeds. So, a forward-thinking brand manager must remain up-to-date with the latest programs and technologies that emerge on a day-to-day basis.

After all, most of your marketing and brand management efforts rely heavily on emerging social trends. 

Immense knowledge of the recent goings-on in the world allows a brand manager to direct a company’s brand and voice accurately, keeping it operational during changing cultural times.

Moreover, it will also help to follow up with the latest news regarding their target demographic. In the end, a top-notch brand manager knows that a trend that was once the ‘in thing’ a few days ago might not work tomorrow!

5. Excellent interpersonal skills. 

It is a brand manager’s job to work with various people, both outside and inside their company. While working on their organization’s brand image, they will undoubtedly remain in constant touch with other departments, from low-level employees to executive staff to the creative team to everything in between.

After all, excellent brand managers have charismatic abilities that bring company departments together even during deadline-driven, high-stress projects. 

Furthermore, excellent interpersonal communication skills will work like a charm during industry events like conferences and meetings when networking with like-minded individuals is vital for a business.

In the end, solid interpersonal skills are a must-have for every brand manager out there if they want to grab their audience’s attention and keep them engaged for a long time. 

6. Great organization skills. 

A company’s brand management efforts require a particular level of organizational skills and mental discipline. Brand managers constantly juggle multiple workloads and projects simultaneously and know how to tackle priorities.

After all, as with any other type of office job, the ability to go through a heap of documents to pick out a single one is an invaluable skill. Similarly, having an organized mind enables you to crunch complex data and research into easily readable information so that the marketing department can utilize it to its full potential. 

Since communication is a two-way street, a brand manager must keep in touch with everyone from the marketing teams to the employees to the customers to share the company’s vision and mission, ensuring operations run as smoothly as possible.

They also need to have the ability to take feedback and turn it into something that their company can leverage. 


An organization’s branding team is often full of button-down bottom-line types and imaginative, creative types. However, the results can lead to an explosion of ideas and opinions. Whether that explosion is good or bad often depends on your branding team’s ability to get along with each other.

That said, you cannot expect good things to happen all the time. However, the must-knows mentioned above are typically things an excellent brand manager must know. 

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