Some Scenarios That May Leave You Helpless

Negligence by anyone, in any situation, can become the cause of an accident. But that doesn’t mean all accidents are caused due to negligence. Some reasons are beyond the control of any ordinary man, while others are intentional or negligence originated.

What would you do if a building were to collapse?

Weak foundation or corroded structure are major reasons that may cause a building to collapse. There are several objects and materials which can harm you badly, for example; iron bars, debris, boulders, etc, or you may get stuck beneath the fallen structure. What would you do if you were stuck inside a collapsing building? A mere thought of such a situation may give you chills running down your spine.

You need to stay calm. Think clearly. The very first thing to do is to look for something that you can cover yourself with. Not a bedsheet or a blanket, but something strong and rigid that can hold the falling debris over you. A table or door-frame can be a good choice. Also, you need to give out a distress signal, in case you are stuck under the collapsed building. Shout as loud as possible, bang or strike onto something that can make loud noises.

Surviving a car accident

Being involved in a car accident might leave you mentally, physically, and financially traumatized. There are several things responsible for a road accident, for instance, lost-control, car malfunction, or there can be something entirely out of your control, like a storm or a falling tree. If your car gets heavily damaged during such an accident locking you inside, you need to be able to help yourself get out. Seat belts, windows, and doors can be jammed post a heavy impact. You need to free yourself from any jammed components that may limit your movement. Break the window if the doors don’t open. Use your car keys or the belt’s buckle to break the window and escape. You can also check this post from to know more about dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. You can also file a claim against the at-guilty individual or group of individuals that you believe to be the reason for your accident.

The earthquake comes without a warning

Earthquakes are always horrifying and often lead to property destruction and loss of lives. It can be very dangerous to run during an earthquake as the shaking ground can make you slip and fall or you can trip over things and end up getting injured by falling objects. Wait for it to calm. Look for an opportunity to escape only after the quake settles. Till then, taking cover under a table or door frame can prove to be a good idea.

Fires are the major reason for life-loss all around the world

First things first, use a cloth to cover your mouth and nose and get low to the ground to prevent inhaling toxic smoke particles. Go to your nearest window and escape if you can; or else, use a heavy blanket to cover yourself and run toward the exit door. Fires can start due to as minor a fault as a short circuit. You need to be able to maneuver your way and have a contingency plan at hand at all times.

There can be other scenarios, maybe worse than discussed above. The only rule is never losing hope and keep on helping yourself to escape safely and successfully.


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