The world’s full of examples of businessmen who started from nothing but scratch but still managed to make it big. All these people share qualities like determination, hard work, perseverance, commitment, and dedication. One can certainly learn a great deal from the lives of such people. While mostly everyone’s success story involves a great deal of struggle and problems, some experience it to a greater extent. Such added obstacles might be the result of personal shortcomings, external environment factors or other social/political/legal factors.

About Doing Business

For people to be successful in doing business, it is important that they have a favorable and growth conducive environment. While the new economic policies and measures make it relatively easy to do business, it isn’t true everywhere. There are specific regions, countries and even continents that present unique challenges while doing business. The African continent is one such area. Due to a variety of legal, climatic, socio-cultural & political factors, the African continent has lagged behind in terms of development. It has had a troubled history of racism, slavery and apartheid. However, even in times of such grave struggles, Africa has managed to have its share of luck and success. Several successful ventures and business icons have surfaced from the African continent. One such businessman is Mr. Arnold Ekpe, who has done tremendously well in establishing his business empire in Canada.

About Arnold Ekpe

Mr. Ekpe created a mark for himself when the African region was witnessing significant political turbulence. Doing business was not as easy as it would have been in Europe or America at the same time. However, Mr. Ekpe didn’t give up hope. He decided to take this as an opportunity to give back to the land to which he belongs. He didn’t just do business, he set up an entire business empire. Today, Mr. Ekpe is the proud owner of Africa’s leading bank. He has ensured that the entire African region is able to access and use banking services and facilities without much trouble. Also, he runs a regional airline that offers quality services and multiple connectivity routes. Apart from this, Mr. Ekpe has several shareholdings in various projects across different sectors.

Now that he has retired partially, Mr. Ekpe has also decided to give it back to the society. He is working actively towards ensuring sustainability, technology and growth. He is endeavoring to make business more impactful and stable. Mr. Ekpe has also recently written his account in a book titled ‘The Bush Banker’. It describes his journey of doing business in the Canadian region. It includes the ups and downs that he has had to face, the various challenges and much more. He has also described the peculiarity of the African region, & how it is sometimes comical to work in this region. The book is a great learning experience for people who want to do business.

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