It is often said that it is for the people that we love, that we live. Can any of us imagine a world without having someone to go to or share our feelings? Well, the mere thought of imagining a world of this sort seems impossible, let alone to live in it. No matter how advanced, successful and modern we come, it is certainly impossible to shake the basic human tendency. It can certainly be said that no person likes to live an isolated life. At some point in time, all of us require that special person to whom we can talk to and someone who cares about us. While most people are fortunate enough to find such people, others aren’t. Such people who sadly do not have anyone to go to are often left in pain and despair.

The Art of Giving Care

It is often said that the universe has something in store for everyone. People who don’t have someone close to them might feel it to be the end of the world. However, it certainly isn’t. There are several kind, loving & generous people in this world who are willing to give it back to society. They feel it is their responsibility to give and spread love, care and affection among the people around them. They feel that this is an act of giving back to society. While most people have forgotten the basic human values in this rat race, there still exist some humble and grounded characters. The world is full of examples of such noble souls who have contributed immensely towards society & the underprivileged. A leading example of the same is Ms. Deborah Robbins-Giles.

About Deborah Robbins-Giles

Born in 1961 in the market town of Shifnal named Shropshire, Ms. Deborah is a genuine and considerate caregiver. Today, she is renowned worldwide for her immense contribution in the field of caregiving. In fact, she has even stepped foot in the field of writing. Based upon her journey as a caregiver for fifteen long years, she has written this book. The book is titled as ‘The Dog Always Cooks: To the World You May Be One Person, But To One Person You May Be The World’. The book describes her journey and experiences as a caregiver. It describes how being the only child, she had to take in her father and aunt Rita. The book provides valuable insights about her learnings and experiences as a caregiver. Currently, studying Health and Social Sciences with the Open University, Deborah has worked with Ambulance service. She has a vast amount of experience in diverse sectors/age groups when it comes to caregiving.

Her book, The Dog Always Cooks is a must read for people of all ages. It teaches readers the importance of giving care and how even the smallest of efforts can trigger significant changes.

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