It is certainly true that the debate around money and its significance can never be put to rest. While many argue that money cannot buy happiness, others say that money is the key to happiness. Even though everyone is allowed to have their say and opinion, money certainly does solve a lot of problems. If one was to ever ask a poor individual what is the first thing that he/she wants, the answer would be money. Money helps to improve their state of being, fulfill their wishes and lead better lives. It helps them to lead comfortable lives, avail and create better opportunities for themselves and their family and be happy. Therefore, the significance of money cannot certainly be ignored.

While we talk and read about money, more often than not we tend to recapitulate a magical success story. The story revolves around someone from a poor or middle-class background who is able to transform his/her life and make tons of money. Well, the world is full of such examples. There are numerous people who have been able to change their fortunes and rise from rags to riches. Be it a unique business idea or some sort of smart understanding of the markets, such people have been able to transform opportunities into successful career paths. One such success story is that of an investor cum author by the name of Kathleen Mello-Navejas.

About Kathleen Mello-Navejas

Kathleen comes from an extremely poor background wherein she was deprived of some of the basic necessities of life. As a child, she was demotivated and undermined. She was forced to accept that her present state of being cannot be changed and that she will live and die in poverty. In fact, she was even subjected to abuse, violence and hatred. However, she refused to give up. She decided that she has to make her own career path and improve her and her family’s life. With firm dedication and an unbroken spirit, she set out in a male-dominated competitive world to make a name for herself. As we speak of her today, she is a real estate tycoon with millions of dollars in her pocket. Kathleen has captured her journey in a book titled ‘Moving Magic Money’.

About the Book

The book ‘Moving Magic Money’ is an account of the author’s journey from a life full of hardships to a life of luxuries. It records and represents her interactions with money, men and motherhood. The book is an inspiration and guide for women to follow their dreams and work tirelessly for the life that they dream of. The book imbibes a sense of financial independence among women and helps them to be the master of their lives. It inspires women to stop leading lives of scarcity and work towards living a life full of riches, comforts and abundance.

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