It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we live in an environment that is conducive for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs today are flourishing if they apply their minds and efforts in the right direction. However, becoming an entrepreneur isn’t an easy task. It requires a whole lot of commitment and dedication. The biggest factor that contributes in your success as an entrepreneur is your innovation and persistence. Success doesn’t come overnight and for entrepreneurs, it is all about being patient and keep putting in the efforts. One such entrepreneur who is an inspiration for millions of budding entrepreneurs across the world is J.J. Hebert. Mr. Hebert currently has a net worth of close to $10 million. He is a leading name in the list of successful entrepreneurs and the reason behind it is his diverse portfolio.  

Hebert’s Brainchild-MindStir Media

J.J. Hebert started on his journey as an author. In the year 2009, he started this book marketing company named MindStir Media to release his own book. The reason why he started this company was to encourage self-publishing authors. The field of literature is becoming extremely competitive and the services of a publicity company have become a must. Individual authors often suffer from this problem of not knowing the technical know-hows and fail to publicize their books properly. This is where publicity companies like MindStir Media come to the authors’ rescue. It is multi-million-dollar company that has backing from Shark Tank celebrities Kevin Harrington and Mariel Hemingway. A major source of Hebert’s income flows from this publicity venture. From designing your book to publishing it, the company helps you with everything. They have a range of packages that offer a bundle of features to the authors. The company has published more than 1000 titles till date.

Hebert’s Success as an Author

J.J. Hebert is the author of five best-selling books, and he is the recipient of nine literature awards. The sale of his books generates a whole lot of revenue and add to his net worth. MindStir Mediaplays a crucial role in the sale of his books. The experts decide the proper marketing strategy, the PR campaigns and design books in order to suit the readers’ interests. All his books are based primarily on the spirit of entrepreneurship and how to become a successful entrepreneur. In fact, he was also recently named as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2021’, adding another feather to his cap. Also, he is one of the most famous and best-selling authors on Amazon.

PR Activities and Article Authorship

J.J. Hebert doesn’t limit himself to running an extremely successful entrepreneurial venture and being the author of best-selling books. He engages in a number of other activities as well. Hebert shares his business tips with his followers on Instagram and other social media platforms as well. His story has featured in several popular magazines like Forbes, Business Insider etc. He is a member of the Forbes Business Council and even writes business articles for Entrepreneur.

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