For popular public figures like actors, sportspersons, comedians, musicians, etc, their looks mean everything to them. They are looked upon as style icons and are often regarded as the trend setters. Hair, and in turn hairstyle, form an important part of a person’s personality. But what if someone starts losing their hair too early? Is there a solution to prevent such early balding? Well, it certainly seems so from the real-life experience of Daniel Tosh- a famous American comedian.

Daniel Tosh’s Hair Loss

Daniel first experienced signs of hair loss during his show Tosh.0. In fact, the hair loss was so significant that it was evidently visible to all his fans & viewers as well. His hairline was clearly visible, and it showed signs of baldness. It gave Daniel a bad look and asked for swift action on his part. It is then when Daniel decided to address this problem of baldness and get back his hair.

Daniel Tosh’s Hair Transplant

Not much time had passed when Daniel Tosh’s hair resurfaced again. Fans were utterly surprised when Daniel resurfaced with all his hair back. He was looking even more confident and stylish. He had a well-made hairstyle with sufficient volume and bounce that covered his head properly. It made people wonder how Daniel got all his hair back. The hair transplant procedure happened to be quite a success. In fact, had people not seen him balding, they wouldn’t even have believed that he underwent a hair transplant procedure.

While most people speculated it to be a hair transplant, Daniel often used to joke about getting his hair back. He happened to mention in one of his shows that he got his hair back from Propecia. He even admitted to using some black-market hair products. But Daniel being Daniel, it was hard for the fans to believe in what he said. His statements raised speculations all around the world amongst his fans. Some fans even verified the said statement with expert doctors in this field. Upon examining the looks of the hair & other related things, some even concluded that what Daniel suggested might be true. Thus, it could either have been a transplant or even a non-surgical process that helped Daniel get back his hair. But if we are to go by the popular opinion, Daniel certainly got a hair transplant.

Daniel Tosh’s Hair- Years After Transplant

It has been quite some time since Daniel first experienced balding and got his hair transplanted. Even today, Daniel’s hair looks the same. They have the same shine, volume and bounce and they make him look quite good. What contributes to the current condition is the fact that Daniel didn’t let the problem escalate. As soon as he witnessed signs of balding, he decided to get the procedure done. It was certain that Daniel didn’t want to mess up his looks.

Also, Daniel has sufficient resources and access to doctors that helps him maintain his hair well.


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