Thrillz Launches Campaign on Seedrs, Giving Fans Opportunity to Invest in the Extraordinary

Thrillz allows fans everywhere to connect with their favorite celebrities, athletes, and more – and now, fans can get in on the action behind the scenes. Thrillz, the UK’s leading platform connecting celebrities with fans, is launching a campaign on Seedrs to give fans the chance to invest from the ground up.


Thrillz was founded by Anjan Luthra, a former Private Equity and Venture Capital Investor at Partners Group London ($100bn Private Equity Fund). Since its launch, Thrillz has picked up massive traction. Graeme Faulds, a founding partner of SL Capital Partners, one of the largest and most successful private equity funds in the UK, will be joining Luthra as an advisor for Thrillz. The company’s Pre-Seed round raised $700K, with executives from leading private equity and investment bank firms investing in Thrillz!


In 2020 alone, its revenue grew by 5000% and celebrity sign-ups grew by 1000%, with bookings growing by 2700%. Its monthly revenue growth sits at 175%, even despite the fact that 75% of its sales are organic. The company grew exponentially, and Thrillz is definitely on track for another year of huge growth.

From Tara Reid to John Altman, there are so many celebrities to choose from on Thrillz. Fans everywhere can request custom video content from their favorite stars, and also attend live events like VIP concerts with Allie Sherlock, or even interactive talk shows such as the Mary and Amanza show.


Thrillz was named one of the best U.K. Startups of 2020 by Startup Pill, and the company’s new campaign with Seedrs is sure to bring similar success this year. Seedrs provided £293 million ($330 million) to over 265 start-ups in 2020 alone. Seedrs allows “all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success, [and] enable all types of growth-focused businesses to raise capital and a community in the process.” Businesses like Revolut and Urban have found massive success on Seedrs, and the new Thrillz x Seedrs campaign will allow fans and investors the opportunity to own a piece of this fast-growing company.


Thrillz is dedicated to delivering the extraordinary to all of its customers through moments of happiness with their favorite celebrities. Their new campaign with Seedrs will allow them to take this to a new meaning, whose own mission is to help investors invest in businesses they believe in. Together, the two will allow customers to find happiness by supporting a company they love.

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