Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2021

Settling in a foreign country and getting citizenship can sound very exhausting and treacherous. What if it’s not? A great country you should look forward to settle in is Turkey!

Why Turkey?

  • It is affordable.
  • From here, you can easily apply for the UK and the U.S residency without having to worry about quote limitations.
  • The healthcare system in Turkey is world-class and is ranked 3rd among the top Medical Tourism Destinations in the world.
  • If you are a citizen of Turkey, you can travel to 114 countries without a visa.
  • Residency is not required. There is no mandatory requirement of living in the country.
  • Has great economy and is on of the best tourist destinations.

While planning on getting a Turkish citizenship, you might worry what if you waste your money on some low-quality project, or what is you don’t get a passport, etc. Making good property investments in Turkey and getting a Turkish citizenship is not that hard if you make the right choice.

You can get a Turkish citizenship by investment 2021, with a slight help from Elmaslar Real Estate.

Why Elmaslar Real Estate?

Elmaslar Real Estate has their proven process that helps you to get Turkish citizenship by making smart investments. The best thing about it is that you can be fully relaxed and they will make it a cake-walk for you. You should consider them for mainly three reasons. They are:

  • They have local partnerships with Turkey’s leading and award-winning property developer Suryapi.
  • They have an experience of 50+ successful client investments, like no one else in the market.
  • They offer you full support since the beginning of choosing the property till your immigration.

Their proven market and process credibility makes sure that your efforts don’t go waste. They give you great options and also provide you with immediate effective solutions whenever you need. They are responsible for designing and building better citizenship and investment strategies at par with the Turkish market. This smoothens the process of getting passport as well. Their previous clients are in continuous touch with their community and they also share valuable insights about living in Turkey, good schools and colleges, etc.


They usually offer three services. They are:

  • They are going to guide you into making the best investments.
  • They work with a very powerful immigration law firm, so you don’t need to worry about immigration at all.
  • In case you want to rent your property, Elmaslar can take care of that as well.

What are you waiting for? You just need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Just book a free consultation with them for understanding all the benefits that you will be getting, and knowing all the options that are available for you.
  2. Get your plan custom made with a variety of property options. You will see property shows live and will also receive city and local property tours. On the other hand, they are also going to start guiding you on your immigration.
  3. Experience a smooth immigration and get access to some really great properties at best prices.

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