What Is the Net Worth of Colin Jost And Other Celebrities?

We keep hearing about a celebrity’s net worth. But do you know what it is actually? In the simplest terms, it is the value of someone’s assets without his/her liabilities. What a person gains throughout his life, including his/her debts, is calculated to determine the net worth. It affects the brand image of the person, as well as his/her salary and demands. Sometimes, the net worth also affects the volume and type of work one gets in life.


The websites that calculate the net worth of celebrities analyze the public records to get an idea about the person’s income, assets, debts, and liabilities. Although such values are available on the records for famous personalities, some people argue that it is impossible to determine the exact worth of any celebrity in this manner.


Let us now give you an idea about the net worth of some of the celebrities in the US:


Jennifer Anniston

The 51-years old American actress and spokeswoman has a net worth of $300 million as of 2020. It is that she is one of the most sought-after celebrities in the world of movies, media, and fashion. She earns about $10-20 million in royalties for her popular TV series, ‘Friends’, and more from fashion endorsements and morning shows.


In 2011, her salary amounted to $8 million for each movie she did. The movie ‘Just Go with It’ made her earn $10 million in 2011, one of her highest paychecks. She also makes $10 million from endorsements annually. Her home in the Bel Air neighborhood LA cost around $20.1 million in 2012. Before, she spent $13.5 million on her home in Beverly Hills after getting separated from Brad Pitt. She also owns a property in NYC, which is worth $10 million.


Colin Jost

He is not primarily from the film fraternity but rich and popular, no doubt. A stand-up comedian and Scarlett Johansson’s husband, Colin Jost net worth amounts to $6 million as of 2019. He earns $25,000 per episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’, and with at least 21 episodes every year, he makes somewhere around $525,000 annually.


His essays in the ‘The New Yorker’ and ‘The New York Times Magazine’, as well as ‘Huffington Post’, are quite popular, helping him make some additional income. He met Scarlett for the first time in 2006, but they started dating somewhere in 2017. Primarily a comedian, writer, and anchor, Colin has also acted in a few movies, namely ‘Staten Island Summer’ (2015) and ‘How to Be Single’ (2016). Two of his other movies on the line, ‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘Worst Man’, are set to release in 2021 and 2022, respectively.


Scarlett Johansson

Who does not know her? The ‘Other Boleyn Girl’ and ‘Avengers’ Black Widow’ is a graceful and beautiful American (and Danish) actress and fashion enigma is worth $165 million as of 2020. Her phenomenal performances in ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘The Black Dahlia’ are still etched in the viewers’ minds in gold. In 2017 and 18, she earned about $40 million from her movies and endorsements annually. With such a hefty paycheck, she is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. In 2019, she earned about $65 million, taking her net worth even higher.


Chris Hemsworth

We know him better as ‘Thor’, one of the Avengers, and quite a popular one too. The 37-years old actor has a net worth of $130 million as of 2020. Although he has not done many movies, Marvel’s Avengers’ has been enough to fill his kitty. An Australian by birth, he started his acting career with Australian TV shows.


With his exceptional good looks and immense talent, he was soon noticed by the Hollywood industry and given his first break in 2009’s ‘Star Trek’, as George Kirk. However, he came into the eyes of millions when he performed as Thor in the first movie of the Avengers’. Today, he derives one of the highest salaries in the American movie industry. In 2019, he acquired $75 million, which helped him make it to Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities.


Do you wish to know the net worth of any other celebrity from the movie or other industries? Let us know in the comments section so that we can get it for you.


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