What Should You Know About SSundee And His Net Worth?

Influencer marketing is taking the industry by storm. Starting from Instagram to Facebook and YouTube, social media influencers are taking chunks of money through images and videos. They also create a network of followers across the globe. By collaborating with brands, they promote their products and services among the followers, who tend to believe them more than the brands. No wonder established brands are joining hands with these influencers to enhance their visibility online.


About a quarter of Facebook users buy products based on the recommendations of these influencers. Nearly 30% of Twitter users also respond positively to influencer marketing, thus driving buying decisions. YouTube is, by far, the most capable platform for video marketing. The vlogging platform has 500 million active users engaging with the influencers regularly and taking their suggestions to choose brands. As a result, the leading brands try to make the most of this trend to get on the radar of their target customers/clients.


Ssundee, or Ian Marcus Stapleton, is a 32-years old YouTuber with 7.8 million subscribers on his channel. A former US airman, who founded his channel in 2009, currently has over 2 billion views. He started uploading videos on games like League of Legends, Dota, Call of Duty, and more in 2010, and his popularity increased drastically. Does that help him earn? Oh yes! Let us give you an idea of this net worth and how much money he makes through videos.


Ssundee – The gaming star

Born in 1988, the gaming commentator and strategist turned 32 just yesterday. A typical Sagi (Sagittarius), he has always been curious and adventurous. He was never a conventional kid while growing up and never realized the importance of formal education. By joining the military and working there till 2009, he proved his point effectively. He sought comical inspiration from Joe Hanson and wished to perform on the stage someday, like him. His interest in ‘Minecraft’ games brought about a boom in the number of subscribers, as the channel gained immense popularity over the web. Soon he found himself in the ‘Tem Crafted’ group of ‘Minecraft’ experts.


How much is his net worth today?

As of December 2020, Ssundee’s net worth is estimated to be $17 million. According to YouTube’s advertising revenue statistics, he makes approximately $25,000 per day only from the ads on his videos. While he focuses primarily on ‘Minecraft’ games, he makes videos about other games too. He gets millions of views on his videos, and by collaborating with other gamers and strategists on YouTube, some of his videos also cross the 10 million mark, thus increasing his income.


How do YouTubers make money?

Generally, a YouTuber gets paid at the rate of $5 per 1,000 monetized views on his video. The channel cuts its share, of course, but the money is enough to earn a standardized livelihood. Monetized views are 40-80% of the total number of views. It depends on various factors, like the viewing device, number of ads, number of ads skipped, and viewers’ location, etc. The costs of the ads are decided through an auction between advertisers based on the number of views. When it comes to Ssundee, you should know that he also makes a hell of a lot of money through branding deals and selling products/services. So that counts as an additional income of a YouTuber.


Are you planning to become a YouTuber? The platform is all yours!


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