What Should You Know About Steve Arhancet And His Net Worth?

“I will not chill or slow down. I will die trying my hardest to turn this around.”

–       Steve Arhancet


A popular eSports player, Steve Arhancet’s life is worth knowing. The 80s born Californian gamer gained immense popularity in 2015 after merging his eSports company, Team Curse, with Team Liquid. Besides co-owning the company, he has also trained the famous League of Legends gamer Kim Jae-hoon and made him the CEO of his establishment.


His professional life invokes immense jealousy from his peers. Living the life of his dreams, Steve manages to pull off the game of games quite seamlessly. However, his journey also inspires millions of dreamers stuck in endless circles of professional humdrum. He left his six-figure salary job in 2012 to start his business from scratch. It was not easy, but the call of dreams cannot be ignored at times. Today, his professionally trained teams earn rewards and cash prizes in numerous tournaments and leagues, thus taking his brand name and business forward.


The net worth of Steve Arhancet as of 2020

Although it can be a tad difficult to guess Steve Arhancet net worth accurately, it is somewhere around $40 million, according to estimations. His trained players make about $200,000 annually. Add to it Steve’s individual earnings from MBO, and you will know that these estimations are probably true. Besides, he has been featured in eminent magazines, online and offline, and his quotes about eSports and life, in general, are quite popular among pro-gamers. It will not be wrong to say that he is an inspiration among millennials, who believe that gaming can indeed be a profession.


What should you know about Steve’s life?

Steve’s life has been a matter of interest for journalists, gamers, and commoners alike. He is an early riser who maintains a strict schedule packed with meetings with sponsors, eSports communities, and establishments. His morning routine also consists of talking to his co-owner, Victor Goossens, to discuss daily affairs and plan the day, together.


Steve starts for the office at 8.30 AM and gets his iced coffee on the way. Coffee seems to be his weakness, as well as strength. In an interview with Business Insider, he revealed that he does not keep count of his coffees per day. Team Liquid is still very much a startup and shares a small co-working space with three rooms. But Steve is satisfied with it. He takes his lunch at 2 PM with his team, while discussing and resolving prevalent issues.


Steve is a competitive but empathetic employer, approachable, and a friendly team player. Even after owning one of the biggest professional eSports companies, he has no arrogance regarding his achievements. Pride, yes, but no arrogance! His investors include eminent personalities, like Tony Robbins (Life Coach), Magic Johnson (NBA), Peter Guber (NBA owner), and others. His spendthrift attitude has provided meme content for memers worldwide, the most common tag being, ‘Paid by Steve’.


A few rare facts about Steve Arhancet

The 39-year-old gamer and businessman is officially single!

Born in the year of the rooster, he is expected to be super ambitious and honest, careful and calculative, charming and communicative. He is also a Cancer, which means that he may have a deep longing for being appreciated and cared for by the people around him. Self-respecting, capable, and independent, Steve can also be quite eccentric and impatient, according to his zodiac. No wonder he has such a thing for video games! Only a few things can be as ambitious and challenging as video games, right?


One should note here that Team Liquid was bought by aXiomatic that contributed a lot in developing better and newer facilities for the company, as well as individual players. The team was elected in the top 10 list of the Riot Games as partners of the professional League of Legends’ eSports sector.


Gamer out there, are you listening?


If you have your heart in games and your mind full of ideas, you can take Steve’s inspiration to start your establishment. Although eSports is still in its nascent stages, it is a futuristic trend that will shape the athletics world of tomorrow. All you need is unmatched expertise in gaming technologies and economic background to understand business requisites. 


Now, do you feel more confident about your dreams? We bet you are!

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