When does Target Restock?

Target is one of the best convenient stores out there. Be it stocking up on daily essentials or getting your groceries delivered, Target is the number one choice. If your day-to-day essentials come from Target, then it is convenient for you to have a knowledge on when it restocks, so that you can purchase fresh newly-arrived products. Target usually receives the restocks and shipments for a few times in a week. But now, due to the ongoing pandemic, Target is receiving restocks every day in the week except Sunday. Target usually restocks once on Monday or on Tuesday, and then again it restocks on Thursday or on Friday. So, these are basically the best days for you to shop at Target.

Target Restock Time

Majority of the Target stores usually get restocked overnight, i.e., after the stores are closed. Restocking typically happens between 12 am to 6 am. The pandemic has led to the daily restocking of the Target stores, except for the Sundays, so that they can stay at the top when it comes to shopping for household essentials and groceries. It is currently working with its suppliers and distribution centers for fast-tracking all the high-demand products. The Target store might get 4 new shipments each day, or might even get 2 new shipment in a week, depending upon the location of the particular store. It is better if you shop earlier in the day when the shop has just opened, since it usually gets restocked overnight. If you want to purchase something specific, you can call the store for checking their inventory.

Items like home goods and clothes are usually stocked during the day, whereas cleaning items, high-demand products, etc. are usually stocked overnight.

Grocery Restock

The grocery shipments come on a rotating basis. Usually, the shipment trucks arrive sometime between 3 -11 pm. The items include frozen products, meat, dairy, other grocery products, etc. The stocking schedules depend largely on the location of the stores.

Target Online Restock

A lot of people prefer to shop online from the Target’s website rather than visiting the store. The online products also get restocked on a rotating schedule. It depends on the product availability of the manufacturer. If you order a product and the product goes out of stock, it will be delivered to you once it is restocked. Unlike the physical stores, the online products don’t have a definite scheduled time for restocking.

Get Notified Once Target is Restocked

In case of online shopping, there is an option where you can choose whether you want to get notified when Target is restocked and is ready for shipping. For receiving this notification, you have to open the website or the app first, and then you need to click the “notify me when it’s back” option. Then you will have to log in to your account in Target. If you are signing up on the Target website, then you will get the notifications via email, whereas if you are signing up on the app, then you will get the notifications on your mobile.

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