Wikigains Explains 10 Ways To Use Coupons To Encourage Repeat Business

These days, with more and more consumers looking for convenience in online stores, very few shoppers stay loyal to a store or brand, says Alex Papaconstantinou from Wikigains. Consumers are proactively researching products before buying. So to drive sales and encourage repeat business, many stores are offering hard-to-turn-down discount deals.

If you are struggling to keep your customers, Wikigains explains ten ways to use discounts and offers to increase your sales and encourage return visits.

1. Use first-time shopper deals

Giving your first-time shoppers discount offers may turn them into loyal customers. They may even come back and pay full prices, especially if you have quality products and stellar customer service.

2. Offer seasonal and holiday deals

Many commemorative and national holidays, as well as seasons (like the holiday season and Black Friday Cyber Monday), provide an excellent opportunity to share offers and relevant discounts. Reach your past, existing and potential customers through email, your website and social media platforms.

3. Offer week or monthly coupons

When appropriately used, weekly or monthly discount offers are sure to increase conversion rates and turn visitors into regular loyal customers. According to Wikigains, this assures customers of regular discounts so they’ll keep coming.

4. Use abandoned cart offers

About 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts. Emailing such customers and giving them an incentive like offering them free shipping or a coupon on the product they intended to purchase can bring them back.

5. Referral promos

A shopper is more likely to buy from a store if referred by, for instance, a friend. So use coupons and offers to encourage referrals. You may give the discount deal to the individual referring, the one being referred, or better still, both.

6. Reward customer loyalty

Giving loyal customers occasional exclusive coupons deals and offers will build a stronger business relationship. This will also encourage word-of-mouth promotion, and you’ll see new customers coming in.

7. Influencer coupon offers

Partnering with such influential people as celebrities and bloggers is another excellent way to build your brand awareness and also drive sales. Influencers have many followers and fans who they can share your coupon codes with and increase your sales.

8. Newsletter or email subscription discounts

A customer email list is essential for any online retailer. Getting your customer’s email address will help you build a good relationship with them, market your products to them, and foster loyalty. So provide a discount offer, say, 15% off a shopper’s purchase in exchange for their email address. Visit Wikigains to see examples.

9. Use minimum purchase discounts

These discounts encourage shoppers to spend more in your online store. You may a give minimum purchase discount for specific products or on all products. Better still, you can decide to offer free shipping on all purchases worth over $150, for instance.

10. Exit intent offers

Pop up an exit intent discount just as a customer is about to close the tab or leave your website. This final discount deal could be just what you need to convert the visitor to a loyal customer.

While discounts and offers are a great tool for driving sales and improving customer loyalty, Wikigains suggests beginners to first understand their brand and study the market. This way, you can use your discount offers most effectively to build customer loyalty as well increase sales.

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